Details of a new secure hosting strategy will be reviewed by Cabinet members next week.

The Domestic Violence Act, which comes into force in March, imposed a legal obligation on councils to provide support to victims of domestic violence and their children in shelters and other safe accommodation.

Local authorities are required by the Department for Leveling, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) to undertake a “Domestic Violence Needs Assessment” and develop a “Domestic Violence Safe Accommodation Strategy” .

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In response, the Isle of Wight Council commissioned a partner to undertake the needs assessment which guided the development of the strategy and its action plan.

The objective of the strategy is to ensure that all victims of domestic violence and their children have access to safe housing services adapted to their needs in order to live in safety and that the responses to perpetrators support safety. victims / survivors.

The strategy defines the following six objectives:

  • Prevent violence and abuse through early intervention and education.
  • Survivors have access to a range of appropriate housing options and support services, which increase safety and prevent homelessness / loss of tenure.
  • Lived experience shapes the design and delivery of services.
  • Develop and integrate a coordinated community response to domestic violence.
  • Improve our data and our intelligence.
  • Hold perpetrators accountable for their actions while providing an opportunity for change and support.

The proposed strategy was supported by the Domestic Abuse Forum and has been widely consulted by stakeholders, providers and current and former users of the services.

City Councilor Karl Love, Chief of Staff for Adult Social Services, said:

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“These plans allow specialized support for victims in safe accommodation that helps meet their needs.

“Our council’s priority is to ensure that vulnerable people are protected from harm and have the chance to rebuild their lives in a safe community and in a place they call home.

Domestic violence in all its forms is unacceptable and these plans will send the message that we will ensure that victims have the support they need and a place of safety. “

Subject to Cabinet approval next Thursday (December 16), the implementation of the plan will be led by the Domestic Abuse Forum and the new Development Partnership Board.

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