Adopt a cat or a dog, and protect your pets during the winter storm

Bring home one (or more) of these adorable cuddly companions to keep you warm this weekend!

And don’t forget to bring your pets inside during this upcoming winter storm and every winter storm and help care for outdoor animals and wildlife. The Nassau County SPCA is urging pet owners to prepare ahead of the storm to keep their families and pets safe. Please:

  • Always bring pets indoors, including outdoor cats, at the first sign or warning of a storm. A snowstorm is no place for a pet.

  • Do not leave your dog off leash after heavy snowfall. Dogs can lose their scent during winter storms and get lost easily. Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification.

  • Be prepared for a power outage, especially if your family includes fish, reptiles, or pets.

  • Keep an emergency kit and pet supplies on hand with items such as medical records, water, food and pet medicine, and first aid supplies for pets.

  • Clean your dog’s paws with a damp washcloth after going outside. Snowmelt salt can be very painful for dogs’ feet and can make them sick when ingested.

  • Set up a safe shelter for your animals in case of evacuation. Leave no one behind.

If you see an animal left outside and in danger, please call local authorities such as Nassau and Suffolk SPCAs for assistance.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

**Senior Alert** You know Dasher and Dancer and all, but do you know the sweetest senior tabby of them all? NSALA nurtured the remarkable 9-year-old Rudy the Red-Nosed Kitten (Adoption # H210437) in a quiet room where he took his time getting to know the humans who now care for him, while sharing the space with his crowd of familiar friends who were rescued with him last spring. Rudy’s fear has kept him from opening up to new possibilities, but recently he’s discovered lower shelves where he can receive ear rubs and reassurances that he’s safe and sound in our care until now. until his family finds out. You can find him crammed with feline friends in a comforting hug. Everyone wants this timid tabby’s future to be calm and nurturing, so an adult household with experience and patience in loving fearful felines would be best. Rudy will rely on a trusted companion in your home to soothe him in his new setting, or you can take one of his friends home! Either way, it will light its way straight to your heart.

*Senior and Double Adoption Alert** Rum Tum Tugger (Adoption #H210443) is not exactly a very curious cat. In fact, this shy senior is content to snuggle up to his favorite sister Dorothy Two Dots (Adoption #H210440). These related 9-year-old tabbies (along with the rest of their cat family) recently lost their home and owner. They’ve lived their whole lives exchanging hugs together, and we intend for them to spend the rest of their lives side by side, adored by their new heroes. Dorothy is open to new experiences and often socializes with visitors, hoping for a treat – or 10! Her courage encouraged Rum Tum to come out of her shell and form human bonds. Thanks to Dorothy’s advice, Rum Tum opened her heart more each day. These two would love a calm, predictable home with kids over 12 and experienced adults to help the cats settle into a smooth transition to a golden retirement.

Jake State Farm

State Farm Jake (Adoption #BF3792) is not looking for favors – just a nice home! This year-old local rescue has been spending time with loyal friends to gain confidence in her safe new life. The magic of crunchy treats combined with loving care has warmed this sensitive boy up to be quite the charmer who begs for long stroking sessions. Jacques is looking for a quiet home (with children over 12) so that his confidence can continue to grow. Better get insurance on your heart, because once State Farm Jake realizes you’re his person, he’ll claim it as his own!


Despite the difficulties of losing her owner recently, Hattie (Adoption #V39903) has put her best foot forward in a foster home as we help her find the perfect place to spend forever. Because this sweet two-and-a-half-year-old tabby is afraid of other pets, NSALA helps her find a quiet space, with older children who can provide a predictable environment to help her get her life back together. of family. Experienced adults will offer her the understanding she needs to help her overcome her apprehension in new situations. Hattie deserves to be reinstalled in the heart of her family. Would you like to be the hero she was waiting for?

Mercury and Mars

**Double Adoption** When Mercury (Adoption #H211412) and Mars (Adoption #H211413) orbited someone’s backyard this fall, they had no idea how safe it was to land. This shy couple of 9-month-old kittens leaned on each other a lot to discover the galaxy of indoor living. The NSALA team gave them time and attention in a quiet place where they learned all about trust and treats! They are now seeking to propel them into an increasingly distant universe: your home! If you’ve ever had cats, you’ll see how much love and patience are enough to inspire them to explore your living room. A family (with children aged twelve and over) can provide the predictable setting in which they have thrived so far.

Desi and Marley

**Double Adoption** Four-year-old brothers Desi (adoption # H209108) and Marley (adoption # H211465) seemed a little nervous to join the Animal League America family, but that was to be expected after losing the only home they had. they ever had known. Time spent in a sunny room at Bianca’s Furry Friends feline adoption center eases their apprehension. NSALA would like to keep the interval time between houses as short as possible.

For more information on adopting NSALA kittens, please email [email protected]

Available for adoption through Tender Loving Cats


Lady Marmalade was found outside with a litter of kittens. As the weather turned colder, she was rescued with the intent of TNR (trap-neuter-release), but she quickly let her rescuers know that she loves people, is gentle and loving. Lady Marmalade likes to nap during the day and is discreet. She will need time to adjust to new surroundings and loves to bake air cookies when petted. She would also do well with other cats with the proper introduction. Let’s find this orange tabby mom a loving home she can call her own.

To adopt Lady Marmalade, complete an adoption application here:

Available for adoption at Smithtown City Animal Shelter


**Senior Alert** Betty Boop is a 10 year old Pit Bull Terrier Mix described as a super calm and quiet couch potato who absolutely loves people and gets attached to them very easily. She is a BIG fan of tummy massages and treats! Betty would love nothing more than to spend her golden years cuddled up with her favorite person, putting them to sleep with her adorable snore. Betty has severe arthritis and will need a home that can help her deal with this issue with more love and care. His ideal home will be an adult-only home with no other dogs or cats. Betty Boop is available for adoption or Forever Foster.

If you are interested in meeting Betty, please call ahead to schedule a time to properly interact with her in a home setting, which includes the shelters meet and greet room, dog runs, and the Dog Walk trail . 631-360-7575.

As always, thanks for reading and remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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