Advantest deploys ACS adaptive probe cleaning to optimize

TOKYO, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading supplier of semiconductor test equipment Advantest Corporation (TSE:6857) today announced its first ACS Adaptive Probe Cleaning (APC) solution to optimize the cycle cleaning probe cards with efficiency. As part of Advantest’s ACS open solutions ecosystem, APC has a proven track record with customers in Asia and Europe. STMicroelectronics has installed APC ACS at two of its manufacturing sites and is seeing a significant reduction in cleaning cycle times to effectively improve throughput, extend probe card lifecycle, and increase system time available for testing.

Although there are many techniques aimed at reducing the time and cost of testing, the cost of probe cards presents an emerging challenge as pin count and functional complexity increase, as does the expense ratio of probe cards. in maintenance and life cycle management. Typically, chipmakers implement a fixed-cycle inline cleaning method, which requires a learning curve to determine the ideal trade-off between cleaning and yield loss and therefore takes longer in the new ramps up devices and causes more losses than necessary.

ACS APC introduces Advantest’s ‘Adaptive Interval’ approach to probe tip cleaning. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to assess how dirty the needles are and only cleans them when yields are affected to significantly reduce cleaning frequency. The machine learning model takes the test result of the first wafer with a prefixed cleaning cycle to learn the failure pattern, then it switches to adaptive cleaning for the rest of the wafers in the same batch. Evaluation takes negligible time per wafer, with no impact on test throughput.

Jean-Luc Mariani, EWS Europe Operations & Technology Director and Chris Portelli-Hale, Test Technology R&D Director, both of ST Microelectronics, have confirmed that they have installed several Advantest ACS APC units to help test a variety of complex devices, and are seeing results impressive. They noted that their cleaning cycles were significantly reduced, enabling them to cut probe card maintenance costs in half and improve the efficiency of spare parts and card lifecycle management. probes.

“Our new APC solution demonstrates Advantest’s Grand Design commitment to adding customer value in the ever-evolving semiconductor value chain, said Titan Chang, general manager, Field Service Group, for Advantest. “Customers performing wafer sorting testing will experience the benefits of our adaptive interval technology through significant throughput stabilization and optimized probe card cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a total reduction test costs and productivity gains. »

The new Advantest ACS Adaptive Probe Cleaning solution works with all existing ATE platforms and wafer testers and does not require program modifications or the use of specific parametric data. Proven to work seamlessly in combination with dual probe card cleaning sheets at different cleaning frequencies.

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