AG Cameron encourages Kentuckians to report suspected winter storm-related price hikes

FRANKFORT, Ky. (KFVS) — Attorney General Daniel Cameron has encouraged Kentucky residents to report suspicions of price gouging to his office.

You can report it online. You can also call the Attorney General’s Natural Disaster Fraud Hotline at 502-696-5485.

When filing a complaint, we encourage you to provide as much detail as possible about the suspected price gouging, including the name and address of the seller/retailer, the item purchased, the price of the item after the emergency declaration and the price of the item before the emergency declaration, if known.

If a refund is requested, consumers should also retain transaction receipts to show proof of purchase.

“Kentucky’s price gouging laws are in effect following the governor’s declaration of emergency, and we’ve activated our online price gouging form to make it easy for Kentuckians to report suspected price gouging related to expected snow and ice storms, Attorney General Cameron said. “Our goal is to protect the people of Kentucky from predatory prices that may arise due to inclement weather. Report price gouging immediately by visiting

KRS 367.374 regulates the sale or rental of goods and services when a state of emergency is in effect and states that no one shall sell or rent an item at a price “that greatly exceeds the price before the declaration”.

The goods and services covered by this prohibition include consumer food products; goods or services used for emergency cleanup; emergency supplies; medical material; heating oil; construction materials; lodging; transportation, freight and warehousing services; and gasoline or other fuels.

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