Air Ref Condenser Cleaning Corp is the trusted name for dryer vent cleaning in Jersey City and Manhattan, New York

Keeping dryer vents clean is of the utmost importance for better health and cleanliness.

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Moonachie, New Jersey—(Release Wire) – 10/18/2022 – The importance of keeping dryer vents clean doesn’t make itself felt unless something goes wrong. This is true for commercial buildings where installing simple fire suppression systems might not keep hazards at bay. The important thing is to make sure the dryer vents are also well maintained and clean. This is not a problem only if the task is entrusted to professionals. Keeping dryer vents clean helps eliminate mold and reduces the risk of fire. Air/Ref Corp professionals are trained and qualified to provide dryer duct cleaning in Jersey City and Manhattan, New York.

Air Ref has been offering dryer duct cleaning for many years. They understand how dangerous dirty or clogged dryer vents can be. They are aware that cleaning dryer vents is an integral part of maintaining commercial laundry facilities, including those found in multi-unit complexes, high-rise buildings, apartments, condominiums, seniors’ residences, assisted living facilities, hospitals and laundromats. In the commercial setting, cleaning the dryer vents should be a regular practice. Otherwise, there are two risks that can be difficult to manage later. First, clogged dryer vents can obstruct airflow, where hot air can’t escape, and the dryer vent can overheat and catch fire. The second risk is mold growth. Too much lint can retain moisture and promote mold growth. With a quick cleaning, the dryer vent will also maintain its efficiency. If the dryer vents are clean, it would be easy for moisture and hot air to escape quickly, allowing items to dry faster. Electricity consumption will be less, thus saving on utility bills. The company has the resources to handle the work as well as possible and the results are satisfactory.

In addition to cleaning dryer ducts, the company also offers temporary air conditioning rental in New York and Jersey City, New YorkHVAC cleaning, and more.

Call NY: (212) 594-0300 or NJ: (201) 866-8500 for details.

About Air/Ref Corp
Air/Ref Corp has over 50 years of experience providing portable air conditioner rentals, HVAC cleaning, custom air filters, cooling tower cleaning services, and more.

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