Andover football players help cleanup crew after Eisenhower win

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – One of the best games in the state last Friday ended with Andover taking a 27-25 victory over Eisenhower at Goddard. But it’s what members of the Andover High School football team did after the game that stood out for all the right reasons.

After the win, a group of Andover players noticed the cleaning crew in the stands picking up rubbish. This crew included students. Without hesitation, Andover’s group of soccer players stepped in to help, shortening a typically two-hour job to around 45 minutes.

“It helped our crew tremendously and they did it without asking. They did it without any kind of ‘thank you’ at the time because most people left,” said USD Sporting Director Goddard. 265, Tony Douglas.

Douglas said Eisenhower students are inspired to help clean up after home and away games.

The Andover Football Players’ post-game effort is an example of how far the character can go.

“We want to recognize them and make sure they are appreciated and know that the school you beat 25-27 appreciates that you stayed and helped our people do the right thing and clean up. the damage,” Douglas said.

In a note to Andover High School and the team, Goddard Public Schools facilities manager JR Miller expressed his gratitude as Andover’s group of 10-15 players began the volunteer effort of post-game by helping him.

“After the game, 10 to 15 of your football players would return to the team bus. They decided to pull over and help a guy pick up the trash strewn on the floor after the event, Miller said. “They didn’t just pick up a piece or two. They continued. Soon two or three turned into a small relief army. In a heartbeat, that area was picked up and the bag was full. Obviously they had no idea the guy they were helping was me, the facilities manager, helping clean up for the next day’s events because we were short staffed. I would definitely name these young men for helmet stickers. I cannot express my gratitude or how impressed I was enough with the actions of your team. It says a lot about your climate and the culture of your students, staff, school and community. »

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