Animal shelter workers prepare for ‘puppy and kitten season’

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – Area shelters are gearing up for or already experiencing puppy and kitten season, the time of year when they see an increase in puppy and kitten abandonment or abandonment.

This season can cause shelters to exceed their full capacity.

“We are already seeing pregnant animals and litters of puppies on top of litters of puppies,” said Minnie Owsley of Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter.

With so many puppies and kittens brought in, especially newborns, the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter is asking the community to donate newborn supplies such as milk and bottles for puppies and kittens.

In addition to neonatal donations, the shelter also needs volunteers.

“We have a lot of moms being killed during this time,” said shelter board chair Tammy Noble. “We will have puppies or kittens who are only a few days old and still nursing, so the shelter during this time is in desperate need of volunteers to help feed them.”

Both Noble and Owsley said the best way to combat puppy and kitten season is to neuter and neuter your pets.

“People think it’s a very expensive thing and depending on where you go it can be, but it’s a lot more expensive to have an emergency c-section for a dog when you could have probably pay half of that and get it fixed in the first place,” Owsley said.

This shelter is one of many facilities in the state that offers low-cost neutering and neutering programs to help pet owners cut puppy and kitten season.

“If you can neuter and neuter your pet and avoid the possibility of emergency surgery or even death, why wouldn’t you?” Owsley said.

Owsley added that if you have a pregnant cat or dog, it’s best to keep them in a safe and comfortable place before, during and after giving birth to prevent anything from happening to the mother.

Noble said she would like to thank the Hope Spay Neuter Clinic for helping train shelter staff with their low-cost spaying and spaying program.

To find out how you can donate newborn supplies or even sign up for the low-cost spaying and neutering program, you can call the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter at (606) 439-4064 or visit their Facebook page.

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