Berkeley bushfire sends smoke down the hills of East Bay


BERKELEY – A grass fire in McLaughlin Eastshore State Park near the town’s marina emitted smoke that worried many East Bay residents on Sunday.

The blaze started around 6:15 p.m., sending a large column of smoke west of Interstate 80 that clung to the hills, forcing some residents of Berkeley and Oakland to call fire departments in other cities and to post on social networks.

“According to Oakland Fire Dispatch: Berkeley Fire is working on a 2 acre wildland fire in the Berkeley Marina area, smoke from miles away is heading directly for the Berkeley and Oakland Hills,” a post said. Oakland Fire Department.

“There are no actual reports of fire in the Oakland Hills.”

The blaze was then estimated to be 1.5 acres, did not threaten any structure and was caused by a cooking fire at a Berkeley Meadow camp near University and Marina boulevards, the regional park fire captain said on Sunday evening. East Bay, Kent Simpson.

No injuries were reported and street closures along West Frontage Road were lifted around 8 p.m.

Simpson attributed a swift response to the Berkeley and East Bay Regional Park firefighters, who boarded at least half a dozen engines and brought the blaze under control within minutes.

“It was burning in the grass and brush and it was making a lot of smoke,” Simpson said. “Because of the westerly winds, it pushed a lot of weed smoke into the community. It’s completely understandable that residents are nervous.

Simpson reminded residents of the importance of preparing for possible wildfires, including using a defensible space around properties, packing emergency supplies and preparing for evacuation.

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