Beware of companies that advertise cheap air duct cleaning

The bait and switch commercials are the ones promoting a $199 whole house cleaning.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever received a flyer in the mail promoting a whole house deal for $199, $99, or some other deceptively low amount. The companies behind these ads make the whole industry look terrible, and for many disgruntled owners, duct cleaning is a waste of money.

This is because the interpretation of duct cleaning by these companies does not use proper practices. The bait and switch commercials are the ones promoting a $199 whole house cleaning. When they come in for the cleaning, they’ll probably clean a dozen ducts for the first $199, then surprise you with a quote for the rest of the duct cleaning. They seduce you with the promise of low cost, then change it at the last minute.

In terms of actual technique, many businesses, including those that don’t engage in bait and switch scams, use a shop vacuum to clean ductwork. A shop vac can only reach about 3 feet of ductwork behind each vent cover. They are not long enough to clean up to the main trunk. Even if you find a company that cleans ducts effectively, if you don’t pay their exorbitant fees to clean all the ducts, the cleaning will be a waste of money. When you turn the air back on, any remaining dirt and debris recirculates through the clean the ductsas if the cleaning had never taken place.

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