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Last week, Captain Pete wrote a paragraph for this column describing his 30th annual Hogs’ r ‘Runnin’ Salmon Tournament and its official results. But I have sources beyond him. This week, you will hear the rest of the story …

Equipment problems were rampant during the derby. A participant dropped the reel from his rod. Two boats had trailer issues that forced them to leave the derby early. A couple had to buy a brand new engine to participate in the derby. Moving from equipment to bureaucratic problems, one party was unable to register their boat on time; he and his wife had to take a ride with another participant. Now on to what could best be described as awkwardness, two guys in the same boat lost their cell phones. A man lost his wedding ring, but his fishing partner (his wife) eventually found her at the bottom of the boat. And now, for the bad luck category: one participant caught a salmon in the tail, and it wiped out all the customers’ fishing lines in a nearby guide boat. A boat carried a record number of fish (six) on Friday, but all were wild coho who had to be released. The next day, Saturday, when the fishermen could keep a wild coho (if they hadn’t done so earlier in the season), that same boat had no bites. Now you have it; the rest of derby history.

What good news! The Cape Meares Community Association Social Committee has announced that there will be a Halloween potluck for Cape Meares residents on October 30 at 6 p.m. at the Barbara Bennett Community Center. Please bring a macabre dish and BYOB. Water and soft drinks will be provided. Presence requires full immunization status and a mask; you can remove your mask while you enjoy your meal. We look forward to seeing all of your neighbors in person!

The hunting season is in full swing. We have a few neighbors who hunt deer in central Oregon and others who hunt here. Maybe now is a good time to brush up on some hunting safety tips. Do not forget to :

1. Check the regulations in force before hunting (;

2. Wear flaming orange;

3. Be aware of the locations of other hunters in the forest;

4. Take the time to make sure your target is a legal animal;

5. Look past the target to make sure your ball will not hit anyone in the background;

6. Carry basic emergency supplies in case you get lost; that is, water, food, a whistle, fire tools, a raincoat and a cell phone;

7. Download a tracking application, such as Garmin, before going into the woods; and,

8. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

Congratulations to Randy and Spike Klobas on their 50th wedding anniversary earlier this month. They enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Portside Bistro in Garibaldi with good friends Scott and Mary Gordon. Completely unrelated (hopefully) Randy bought Spike throwing axes; it is exercised on their pile of wood.

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