Credit unions will help end domestic violence in vital new initiative to help women

WOMEN’S Aid and credit unions partner to end domestic violence.

According to a recent study by Women’s Aid, one in four women in Ireland experience domestic violence from a partner or ex.


Women’s Aid and Capital Credit Unions Partner to End Domestic ViolenceCredit: Getty Images – Getty
There were 26,906 contacts with Women's Aid in 2021


There were 26,906 contacts with Women’s Aid in 2021

Thousands of women experience emotional, physical, sexual and economic abuse daily, often at the hands of the person who is supposed to care for and respect them.

New statistics show there were 26,906 contacts with Women’s Aid last year.

And support workers heard 33,831 disclosures of domestic violence, including coercive control.

This included 28,096 reports of abuse against women and 5,735 reports of child victims of domestic violence.

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Helpline staff spent a total of 3,863 hours talking with women in 2021.

And according to the report, 22% of women aged 18 to 34 lack control over their own finances, highlighting that economic abuse is widespread.

Women’s Aid today announced a new partnership with Capital Credit Union to tackle domestic violence.

Credit union staff will be trained to recognize, respond to and guide concerned members to the Women’s Aid toll-free 24-hour national helpline.

Sarah Benson, CEO of Women’s Aid, said: “Services in local communities can play a crucial role in reaching out to those who may need help, including staff and clients.

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“When someone reveals they are being abused, it can be hard to know what to do.

“Very often people are afraid to say the wrong thing.”

There will also be an awareness campaign in all branches to refer victims to Help for Women in an accessible and discreet way.

She added: “We know that with the right information, credit union staff can make a difference in a person’s journey to safety.

“We hope that women who are members of the CCU and who experience abuse will call the Women’s Aid 24-hour toll-free national helpline for information, support and referrals to local domestic violence services. , if necessary.”

Speaking at the campaign launch, Gerry McConville, CEO of Capital Credit Union, said: “We are an organization our members can trust, and we want to recognize that by making sure they get the support that they need.

“Women’s Aid provides incredible services to those in need, and we want to make that easier.

“As the first credit union involved in such a program, I hope this campaign will inspire other organizations in the financial services industry to partner with charities such as Women’s Aid.”

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Women’s Aid provides a national 24-hour toll-free helpline on 1800 341 900 and a national instant messaging helpline on, morning and evening, seven days a week.

They also provide face-to-face assistance and legal assistance in the greater Dublin area.

Helpline staff spent a total of 3,863 hours talking with women in 2021


Helpline staff spent a total of 3,863 hours talking with women in 2021Credit: Getty Images – Getty

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