Darren Fischer on the creation of Oddfish Media

the IMAA, the national non-profit industry association for independent media agencies, was launched last year.

Since then, it has steadily expanded its membership base and made a series of important announcements, including its trade credit deal and a number of new media partners.

Media week profiled the members of the IMAA – previous features can be found here. This week we spoke to the Founder and CEO of Oddfish Media Darren fischer.

Oddfish Media started in 2005 with Fischer and Pete O’Dell with the company name derived from a combination of their last names.

“Oddly enough, it’s a combination of O’Dell and Fischer, and we had to pay someone to find this. We haven’t thought about it ourselves, so I’m not going to take the credit for that, ”said Fischer.

Fischer said one of the main reasons he went out on his own and joined O’Dell was mainly because clients wanted him to do everything for them.

“Once they’ve formed a relationship and got to know you, and they like you, it’s’ can you do that for me? So you start to manage all of their media for them and plan for them, but you work for another company.

“I was working for WIN NBN at the time, then one of the clients said to me ‘Can you help me full time?’ I said ok, I’m going to start a business, I have a friend of my own, we’re going to work together.

Foundation clientele

The company started with half a dozen clients such as Fair Dinkum Sheds, Australian Jewelery Liquidators, and Worldwide Appliances.

In 2006, companies like Original Mattress Factory signed up when they had two stores, which Oddfish helped them reach over 46.

Fischer said Oddfish started off with around $ 2.5 million to $ 3 million in revenue and built his portfolio from there.

“We have a whole bunch of clubs, plumbing services on the coast. Eagle’s Plumbing is always with us. The Roche group has been with us for a long time. Masterton Homes has been with us in one form or another for a long, long time. Worthington BMW and Hunter Valley Gardens have been with us for a long time. “

Recent victories

Some of Oddfish’s recent victories include Hokin Homes, Hunter Primary Care and Aztec Solar as the agency relocates to a new region.

“We created the Newcastle office almost 12 months ago, and we have a guy running it, he also became a manager. Obviously he had wins because he needed clients. “

Industry changes

Fischer said one of the main changes he has seen since opening his agency is in the systems used.

“We had a booking agency, so we used to book everything through a booking agency. This is how it all started, you have to crawl before you walk, then you have to focus on the next steps. Rather, we focused on systems.

“We also put on BCC, which is wonderful software, which was part of the purchasing systems. As we move forward, we just use a lot of digital content and social media and all of these software packages. The cost of running the business has certainly increased, but they make me very efficient.


Asked about his agency’s specialties, Fischer said he focused on performance.

“We are going to help people with the creation, we are not a creative agency but we obviously connect to many creative agencies. They can advertise for $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 and we can hook up people who can advertise for about $ 5,000.

“We have this diversity from a creative standpoint. It’s all part of our mix – we know the importance of creating and conveying messages and we get involved in that side of things, but it’s all about performance. If the message is not right, it will adversely affect performance.


Fischer said he was happy that I was a member of the IMAA and seeing the benefits it brings to independent agencies.

“The only reason is to bring everyone together like a union almost, to help us do things more efficiently or cheaper at the end of the day. If it can save money, because these companies are very expensive to run because you have to get so much data and we can’t produce our own data, you have to buy the data. So any relief these guys can work together as a body is fantastic. Already with the insurance, it’s great.

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