Diwali 2021 Silver Utensil Cleaning Tips Follow These Tips for Cleaning Silver Coins and Utensils


Diwali 2021 Silver Utensil Cleaning Tips: Diwali is fast approaching and preparations for the festival are in full swing. The festival is considered important in the Hindu religion. This year, the Deepavali festival will be celebrated on November 4, 2021.

The deep cleaning of the house has become one of the elements of this festive season. Therefore, the practice of cleaning houses before Dhanteras continues. It is believed that the goddess Lakshmi resides only in a clean house. But this part of the party can get tedious at times. In many homes, silverware and silver coins are also used on this special occasion.

However, cleaning these utensils, which lie around all year round, can sometimes be very difficult. So here are some easy, chemical-free cleaning tips you can follow to clean your silverware and restore it to its shine.

Use hydroalcoholic gel: Hand sanitizers have become quite common in our homes after the Covid period. In addition to sanitizing your hands, they can also be used to polish old silverware and coins. To do this, pour some hand sanitizer on the utensils and leave it for a while. Clean it later with a cotton cloth. In no time at all, your silverware will start to shine like new.

Clean with toothpaste: As much to say to you that the toothpaste is used not only to clean the teeth but also to polish the old silver utensils. You can mix toothpaste with salt and use it to clean silver coins. Your coins and utensils will start to glow like before.

Clean with lemon juice: Lemons are rich in citric acid. It is considered to be very effective in cleaning metals. This Diwali allows you to restore the shine of old silverware with lemons. For this, take 1/2 cup of lemon juice and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to a clean container. Now clean the part with a brush. Your room will start to glow in no time.

Clean silverware with aluminum foil: You can also use aluminum foil to clean old silver utensils. With the help of this, the silver will shine like new when rubbed.

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