Domestic violence survivor shares her story in hopes of helping others

A Tulsa woman said she was lucky to be alive after her ex-husband beat her with brass knuckles and pushed her down a flight of stairs. She uses her experience to help others in similar situations.

Michelle Williams has said she never imagined she would be in hospital less than a year after getting married.

“It’s not from someone who loves me, it’s not from someone who wanted to marry me, it’s from someone who wanted to control me,” she said.

Michelle said she had known her husband for nine years before their wedding last May. She said she never saw any signs of anger issues or abuse.

She said that from August he started to become possessive and controlling, on Black Friday last year he assaulted her.

The report says he strangled her, beat her with brass knuckles and kicked her down a flight of stairs, knocking out her tooth and causing serious head injuries.

“He was hitting me in the face, all over my body, he pulled my hair, he pulled it, just pulling it he started choking me,” she said.

She now has a protective order in place. He was charged with grievous bodily harm and domestic strangulation. She hopes justice will be served.

Michelle said she had to change her whole life for her own safety.

“I’m not giving her that, I know where she will be at 5, you can’t keep being the same person. You have to change your whole life,” Michelle said.

Michelle said she couldn’t get through all of this without the resources and help there, as well as her friends and family.

She hopes her story will help at least one person.

“If we break the silence, they have no power. I am the voice of this woman who is afraid,” she said.

She said she planned to volunteer with Domestic Violence Response Services.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, you can call DVIS’s 24-hour helpline at 918-743-5763.

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