Dreametech DreameBot L10S Ultra: features and more

(Pocket-lint) – There’s no better way to clean the floors in your home than to have a smart device do it automatically. However, using any smart product for this purpose may not guarantee ideal results. The floor cleaner must be efficient, precise, customizable and, above all, functional.

Dreametech created precisely that in the latest DreameBot L10S Ultra. This smart device is designed to meet the floor cleaning needs of the whole house.

The latest technological advancements have been used to create DreameBot L10S Ultra. With a combination of superior AI solutions and precise mechanisms, this device represents the ultimate solution that will make your home cleaner without a hitch.


What can DreameBot L10S Ultra do?

The DreameBot L10S Ultra is an automatic floor cleaner with more features than you would expect from this type of product.

First, the L10S Ultra has incredible battery life. It can run seamlessly for two months with virtually no human assistance. The DreameBot will automatically drain, clean and dry its mop, and add water and cleaning solution.

Powerful AI allows DreameBot L10S Ultra to recognize obstacles and navigate around them. At the same time, it can perform different cleaning strategies tailored to the specific layout of your home. Along with the impressive suction power, the L10S Ultra features a high-speed mop that lifts when the cleaner reaches a carpet or its base station.

On top of all that, the L10S Ultra has built-in video supervision. This means that the device will not only keep your home clean, but will also help you keep an eye on your pets or children. The smart device can integrate with your home and other smart systems thanks to its compatibility with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Expert engineering and design

The DreameBot L10S Ultra has a massive suction power of 5300Pa. For more thorough cleaning, the device is also equipped with a rubber brush which will ensure that no debris, hair or dust remains on your floors. There are also dual mops that can spin at 180 rpm.

The L10S Ultra cleans and dries its mops automatically. This process occurs once the cleaning unit returns to its base station and no owner intervention is required for a successful cleaning.

In terms of navigation, the L10S Ultra uses LiDAR and AI capabilities. LiDAR creates a detailed 2D or 3D map of your home to help the device navigate with maximum accuracy. The cleaner is also equipped with an RGB camera and a laser system which ensures that the L10S can avoid any obstacles.

On top of all that, the AI ​​can analyze obstacles and categorize them into six categories. This categorization helps the device find the optimal cleaning strategy.

When it comes to design, the L10S Ultra looks as good as it performs. The base of the device is positioned vertically and features a slim design to save extra space. Additionally, the L10S Ultra comes in white with silver accents and mirror plating that add to its already sleek appearance.

Innovative floor cleaning

By innovation standards, the DreameBot L10S Ultra sits above most competitors. The device can do everything from vacuuming, to dusting, to mopping, and the whole process is completely hands-free. But what is particularly impressive is the self-cleaning and maintenance.

You can leave the L10S Ultra alone and the device will mop your floors, automatically add water and cleaning solution, and maintain its mop. Even better, it will map all major areas for easy navigation. And if you want to take charge, you won’t have to touch the L10S Ultra: it comes with remote controls.

Finally, if you need to adjust any of the L10S Ultra’s settings, you can do so easily through the cleaner app which is just as advanced as the device itself. Whichever approach you take, you’ll get all the benefits of deep, detailed floor cleaning without the hassle.

What is Dreamtech?

Founded in 2017, Dreame Technology is an innovative consumer products company focusing on smart home cleaning devices with the vision of empowering lives through technology. Follow him on Facebook, instagramand Twitter. For more information, please visit Dream.

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