Eagle Mountain residents clean up after tumbleweed invasion

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah — Eagle Mountain is dealing with an unusual problem that battered the city during Tuesday’s windstorm.

To put it mildly, the city has been overrun by an invasion of tumbleweed.

“The tumbleweeds happen twice a year at Eagle Mountain.” said Tyler Maffitt, the city’s communications manager. “It usually takes place in the spring and fall.”

While this is an event the city is prepared for, Maffitt said the community is still surprised from time to time. Some streets had to be closed due to the tumbleweed storm.

“We often manage and oversee the disposal of several tons of tumbleweed. You don’t quite understand how much it is until you’re cleaning it up,” Maffit said.

Resident Alexis Erekson is a newcomer to the area, who only moved in last week but never imagined her new home would be covered in tumbleweeds.

“No landscape needed, we’re going for this desert look,” Erekson joked.

At first, Erekson tried to throw the tumbleweeds, but it lasted about five minutes. After that, she resorted to something a little more combustible by lighting them.

The city suggests getting a burn permit or getting a voucher from the local landfill to clear the nuisance, but there is a third option.

“One of the things our residents have often done is put the tumbleweeds on Etsy and sell them as home decor items, and people have found some success there, Maffit explained.

Whether it’s selling, burning or throwing away, it’s an unusual cleanup to say the least.

“It’s something different,” Erekson said. “It’s its own brand of special and sharp.”

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