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Gathering shelters

Each shelter should have heating, plumbing, electricity, male / female toilets and the capacity to temporarily accommodate people.

Allocations will be adjusted (decreased) for an organization using a Hillsborough County facility. If you are using a county facility for your shelter, your allowance will decrease by $ 2,000 for shelters with a capacity of 41 or more and decrease by $ 1,000 for shelters with a capacity of 40 or less.

The distribution of the allocation for collective shelters will be divided into two (2) payments:

  • 50% of the Congregate Shelter scholarship will be distributed after the execution of the letter of agreement or award document
  • The remaining 50% of the Congregate Shelter price will be distributed at the end of the cold season (mid-March 2022)

Capacity and amount of allowances:

  • Capacity: 10 – 20; Amount of allowance: $ 5,500
  • Capacity: 21 – 40; Amount of the scholarship: $ 7,500
  • Capacity: 41 – 60; Amount of the scholarship: $ 9,500
  • Capacity: 61 – 80; Amount of the scholarship: $ 12,000

Non-collective shelter – Motel rooms (vouchers)

Motel rooms – Vouchers will be provided at motels identified and selected by the applicant for people as temporary shelter. Motel rooms must be licensed for operation in Hillsborough County and include basic operational amenities including bed, linens, access to heating, and bathrooms.

Agencies will receive an administrative fee based on the projected number of people to be served per activation.

The distribution of the allocation for non-collective shelters will be distributed in two (2) payments:

  • 50% of the administration fee will be distributed after the execution of the letter of agreement or award document
  • The remaining 50% of the administration fee will be distributed at the end of the cold season (mid-March 2022)
  • The reimbursement request for non-collective accommodation can only be submitted once a week to Julie watkinson
  • The payment request must include an invoice and the following:
    • A list of the names of people staying at the motel each night
    • Documentation justifying actual payments to motels

Capacity and amount of allowances:

  • Capacity: up to 25; Amount of the scholarship: $ 3,000
  • Capacity: 26 – 50; Amount of the scholarship: $ 5,000
  • Capacity: 51 – 75; Amount of the scholarship: $ 7,500
  • Capacity: 75+; Amount of allowance: $ 10,000
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Strategies for sustainable cleaning in offices https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/strategies-for-sustainable-cleaning-in-offices/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/strategies-for-sustainable-cleaning-in-offices/#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2021 19:55:30 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/strategies-for-sustainable-cleaning-in-offices/

Over the past year, office cleaning has increased dramatically to reduce the spread of COVID-19, resulting in levels of chemical consumption never seen before. Most cleaning chemicals contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that compromise the safety and health of building occupants. VOCs are released into the air and negatively affect indoor air quality (IAQ). Likewise, the manufacture and transport of these chemicals further harm the environment by using natural resources and creating greenhouse gas emissions.

Why is it important to note this? Because cleaning expectations have changed for the foreseeable future. Construction service contractors (ESBs) and janitorial crews will continue to clean more frequently, especially now, as COVID-19 cases related to the Delta variant to augment. In the future, facility managers must select the right chemicals and equipment to mitigate the impact on the environment and people, especially since 90% of respondents to a Boston Consulting Group survey said the pandemic has made them equally or more concerned about environmental issues.

Protect our Earth (and the occupants of buildings)

Gone are the days when the use of harsh chemicals was the only way to effectively clean and disinfect. Whether an office can accommodate 10 or 1,000 people, the increased use of traditional chemicals with synthetic fragrances, preservatives and other questionable additives can still have a negative impact on the environment. Fortunately, as we continue to advance technologically, facilities can use durable cleaning products that inactivate viruses and other pathogens just as successfully.

In addition to negatively impacting the environment, many commercial cleaning products can harm people. For example, poor IAQ worsens respiratory diseases like asthma and allergies, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that poor IAQ leads to increased illness and absence. Investing in green office cleaning programs can help protect the health of office workers, the cleaning professionals who use the products daily, and the environment.

Good practices for implementing sustainable cleaning in offices

To promote healthier, more environmentally friendly office buildings, consider the following best practices for your cleaning program:

1. Replace harsh chemicals.

Many cleaning chemicals are made from unknown ingredients which are not environmentally friendly. Knowing which chemicals to choose can be difficult, especially since many products appear to be sustainable even if they do not meet basic environmental standards. Avoid products with a long list of ingredients. As an alternative, consider on-site generation (OSG) systems, which produce electrochemically activated solutions (ECAS) using only salt, water, and electricity. The cleaner and disinfectant does not contain perfumes, dyes or VOCs that can irritate people and cleans as effectively as other commercial cleaning solutions. Producing chemicals on-site dramatically reduces plastic waste and eliminates reliance on frequent shipments of chemicals.

2. Invest in equipment that supports sustainability.

As with chemicals, advancements in technology are making soil maintenance processes more sustainable. Some machines can convert water into an effective cleaning solution, reducing the need for traditional and harsh floor cleaners. Many facilities also benefit from automated machines that reduce resource use and handle floor maintenance while cleaning professionals oversee other key tasks. In reality, research shows that robotic floor care equipment reduces water pollution by 77%, air pollution by 94% and energy consumption by 97%. Additionally, BSCs and facility managers should consider solutions such as wall dispensers that properly dilute cleaning solutions to limit product waste and robotic vacuums that keep carpets clean to reduce carpet replacement and landfill waste.

3. Choose environmentally friendly consumables.

Single-use plastic items take years to decompose and leave toxic chemicals and particles behind, especially in our oceans. For example, a plastic bottle takes 450 years or more to decompose into microplastic. To avoid generating unnecessary waste, get durable multi-purpose cleaning items like refillable sprays and microfiber cleaning cloths. In addition, consider the EPA recommended toilet paper consisting of 20-60%post-consumer toiletries, as small changes like this can make a big difference in high traffic office buildings.

4. Carefully monitor cleaning service providers.

Many companies claim to prioritize green cleaning when in fact they practice greenwashing. It is the process of provide misleading information on how a company’s products or processes are environmentally friendly. When looking for cleaning service providers for your facility, consider a partner who has obtained certifications from reputable third-party organizations such as Green Seal. Green Seal certifies cleaning programs to meet rigorous testing standards that include efficient and durable cleaning and disinfection procedures and equipment. Whether you operate a LEED-certified building or just want to be greener, consider requiring BSCs to use sustainable solutions to maintain your offices.

A greener and healthier future

The heightened expectations for cleanup will continue long after the pandemic is over. A Harris Poll 2021 found that more than half (58%) of U.S. employees who worked in an office before the pandemic would like to see increased cleaning and disinfection measures implemented in their workplace due to COVID-19. Opting for sustainable cleaning practices in offices can dramatically reduce the use of plastics, chemicals, water and energy and demonstrates a commitment to the planet and the health and well-being of building occupants. Since commercial buildings consume a high volume of resources on a daily basis, prioritizing sustainable and efficient cleaning is a must for forward-thinking facility managers.

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The pandemic has changed the way the agency approaches domestic violence prevention | Health https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/the-pandemic-has-changed-the-way-the-agency-approaches-domestic-violence-prevention-health/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/the-pandemic-has-changed-the-way-the-agency-approaches-domestic-violence-prevention-health/#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2021 08:00:00 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/the-pandemic-has-changed-the-way-the-agency-approaches-domestic-violence-prevention-health/

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and an increase in domestic violence during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Emerge! The Center Against Domestic Abuse is asking residents of Pima County to join their educational campaigns and Stuff-the-Bus events.

The non-profit organization helps victims of domestic violence, whether women or men, by finding them refuge, offering crisis interventions and teaching safety planning. These services continued during the pandemic, but Emerge! had to adapt quickly to continue providing them to those experiencing domestic violence, which increased in some households as families struggled with stay-at-home recommendations, school closures and others aspects of the pandemic.

“We had to review and revise all of our policies and procedures very quickly, to ensure that we were responding in a way that maximized the safety of participants and staff,” said Lauryn Bianco, Emerge! vice president of operations and philanthropy.

Bianco said the organization needs to change everything when it comes to service delivery. Hotline employees had to take their phones home and set up a secure line. In-person meetings have become Zoom and Emerge meetings! had to close his shelter.

In order to welcome families who needed to be relocated to be protected, Emerge! managed to relocate families to different locations. This led to a surprising awareness.

“During the pandemic, we were able to provide services in independent spaces for families, and we learned that this actually alleviated many different traumas that families suffered when they entered our shelter.” , said Bianco.

The current shelter usually brings families together, which is why the shelter had to be closed when COVID hit Arizona. Authorities find that separate housing for families helps start the healing process for survivors faster than shared housing. While there is no quick process to heal trauma, the separate accommodations have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from their clients.

After seeing the reaction of customers to independent accommodation, Emerge! started asking local governments for funds to build a bigger shelter.

“Any expansion of shelter capacity is needed now, not just for Emerge !, but for all of the social service agencies we deal with,” said Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Council member.

The City of Tucson and Pima County Supervisory Board passed resolutions that each government agency would provide $ 1 million for the expansion of Emerge! although association officials remain discreet about the details.

“Their clients are vulnerable to the abusive partner finding them and continuing to abuse them, so they protect their clients’ privacy very well,” Kozachik explained. “The other thing is that there are kids involved.”

Emerge! officials said they will speak publicly about the expansion as soon as plans are finalized. In the meantime, Bianco is asking everyone to participate in Domestic Violence Awareness Month throughout October.

Emerge! is running an educational campaign on domestic violence prevention in October as well as charity campaigns to engage the community in helping survivors.

“Prevention efforts can really be like educating you about the root causes of domestic violence, not just the warning signs and red flags,” Bianco explained. “We really want people to understand why abuse exists even in our culture and in our community. “

Emerge! has made it its mission over the past few years to train employees in normal tasks while doing additional training on racial disparities and social dynamics that can affect their clients.

“Since 2015, we have really set out to become an anti-racist organization,” said Bianco.

Emerge! is also posting videos on its website featuring the personal experiences of employees who continued to provide services to customers during the pandemic. Bianco said the nonprofit is extremely grateful to the employees who have come every day to try and find services for their clients during the pandemic.

Residents of Tucson can help by donating supplies to the nonprofit organization’s Stuff-the-Bus event. The public is invited to donate new items that would help a survivor and their children start from scratch in a new home (think toiletries, clothing, reusable water bottles, cooking utensils, and linens. Of house). A full list of possible items is available on Emerge! under the DVAM tab.

Northwestern residents can bring items to Stuff-the-Bus at Oro Valley Walmart, 2150 E. Tangerine Road, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, October 29. Emerge also hosts a virtual Stuff-the-Bus on their website. Amazon Smile allows you to purchase a product from their Wish List and send it to the Emerge admin office.

You can also show your support for victims of domestic violence by wearing purple on October 21. Bianco said the event is a symbolic recognition of domestic violence as an issue that doesn’t just affect women. People of all demographics can be victims of domestic violence.

“The most important part of October is recognizing that domestic violence can happen to anyone,” Bianco said. “This is not a group of people who experience it and so in order for us as a community to end the abuse we all need to be involved in understanding how we can take a stand and / or take action to help.

Visit the Emerge! website for more information on preventing domestic violence and how you can participate in Domestic Violence Awareness Month at emergecenter.org.

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Cape Meares fence post October 19 | Fence posts https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/cape-meares-fence-post-october-19-fence-posts/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/cape-meares-fence-post-october-19-fence-posts/#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2021 01:30:00 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/cape-meares-fence-post-october-19-fence-posts/

Last week, Captain Pete wrote a paragraph for this column describing his 30th annual Hogs’ r ‘Runnin’ Salmon Tournament and its official results. But I have sources beyond him. This week, you will hear the rest of the story …

Equipment problems were rampant during the derby. A participant dropped the reel from his rod. Two boats had trailer issues that forced them to leave the derby early. A couple had to buy a brand new engine to participate in the derby. Moving from equipment to bureaucratic problems, one party was unable to register their boat on time; he and his wife had to take a ride with another participant. Now on to what could best be described as awkwardness, two guys in the same boat lost their cell phones. A man lost his wedding ring, but his fishing partner (his wife) eventually found her at the bottom of the boat. And now, for the bad luck category: one participant caught a salmon in the tail, and it wiped out all the customers’ fishing lines in a nearby guide boat. A boat carried a record number of fish (six) on Friday, but all were wild coho who had to be released. The next day, Saturday, when the fishermen could keep a wild coho (if they hadn’t done so earlier in the season), that same boat had no bites. Now you have it; the rest of derby history.

What good news! The Cape Meares Community Association Social Committee has announced that there will be a Halloween potluck for Cape Meares residents on October 30 at 6 p.m. at the Barbara Bennett Community Center. Please bring a macabre dish and BYOB. Water and soft drinks will be provided. Presence requires full immunization status and a mask; you can remove your mask while you enjoy your meal. We look forward to seeing all of your neighbors in person!

The hunting season is in full swing. We have a few neighbors who hunt deer in central Oregon and others who hunt here. Maybe now is a good time to brush up on some hunting safety tips. Do not forget to :

1. Check the regulations in force before hunting (https://www.eregulations.com/oregon/hunting);

2. Wear flaming orange;

3. Be aware of the locations of other hunters in the forest;

4. Take the time to make sure your target is a legal animal;

5. Look past the target to make sure your ball will not hit anyone in the background;

6. Carry basic emergency supplies in case you get lost; that is, water, food, a whistle, fire tools, a raincoat and a cell phone;

7. Download a tracking application, such as Garmin, before going into the woods; and,

8. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

Congratulations to Randy and Spike Klobas on their 50th wedding anniversary earlier this month. They enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Portside Bistro in Garibaldi with good friends Scott and Mary Gordon. Completely unrelated (hopefully) Randy bought Spike throwing axes; it is exercised on their pile of wood.

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Successware Introduces Four New Success Tools for the Home Service Industry https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/successware-introduces-four-new-success-tools-for-the-home-service-industry/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/successware-introduces-four-new-success-tools-for-the-home-service-industry/#respond Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:02:00 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/successware-introduces-four-new-success-tools-for-the-home-service-industry/

COLUMBIA, MD., October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Successware, a business management software company for the home service industry, today announced the launch of four new platform success tools designed to help customers manage and develop their business. Successware is committed to transforming the platform and adapting to the way its customers do business. Over the past year, it has constantly updated its platform and mobile app to provide customers with new features and functionality to reflect the changing market landscape.

The software and the mobile application will now offer improved functionalities such as management of mobile time cards, a communications contact center, an online payment function and online appointment booking.

Successware Track and Successware BookIt are now online. Successware Connection and Successware Pay will be released later this year. The functions of each tool include:

  • Successware ™ journey: A version of the Successware mobile application designed specifically for apprentices and assistants who do not need all of the functionality of Successware Mobile. Track offers features for managing scorecards and geolocation as well as the ability to take and download photos.
  • Successware ™ connection: A robust omnichannel communication platform integrated directly into Successware Office that provides customers with voice, text and email in a communication contact center. Connection will automatically assign the source of leads, search and find customer records, and mark the call as reserved or unreserved to drive data-driven decision making.
  • Successware ™ compensation: Online payment functionality for customers which will be directly linked to our accounting module. Pay allows businesses to email customers a link with their invoice for online payment by credit card or ACH payment methods.
  • Successware ™ BookIt: An online appointment scheduling tool for clients. BookIt communicates directly with Successware’s time slot capacity management function, making it easy to schedule appointments for the customer and the call taker / dispatcher.

“Our primary goal at Successware is to put our customers first and support them as their businesses evolve. As a result, we continue to rapidly advance our offerings and features to help them run their business, ”said Bruce lisanti, COO of Successware. “Likewise, our Success Tools were created with customer feedback and ideas in mind. We are excited to continue to develop the only all-in-one system to bring even more value to businesses in the home service industries.

Successware began to strengthen its online presence in 2020 with a new website and the launch of Successware Mobile ™, designed to work seamlessly with the full Successware ™ platform and create a complete business management solution. He assists clients in industries such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and roofing by arranging technician shipments, taking calls, providing sales and marketing tools, streamlining technician onboarding. , improving the customer experience, improving profitability and analyzing the skills of technicians by position.

Earlier this year, Successware introduced new features to the mobile app, including built-in consumer finance, customizable forms, and a presentation tool that allows technicians to offer multiple on-site sales options to help customers. to make more informed decisions.

For more information on all Successware services, visit www.successware.com or call 888-272-8009.

About Successware
Successware is a leading provider of business management software for the home service contract industry, ensuring customers have all the resources they need to manage and grow their businesses. Successware is part of Authority Brands, the parent company of leading home service brands in the plumbing, electrical services, home cleaning, home care, swimming pool repair and maintenance industries, ‘tree removal, restoration and pest control services.

About Authority Marks
Based at Colombia, Maryland, Authority Brands companies include nine major home service franchisors, America’s Swimming Pool Company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, The Cleaning Authority, Homewatch CareGivers, Mister Sparky, Monster Tree Service, Mosquito Squad, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning and STOP Restoration. Together, these brands provide in-home services across more than 1,700 territories operated by nearly 1,000 franchise owners in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Authority Brands is committed to supporting the growth of franchise owners by providing strong marketing, technology and operational support. See www.theauthoritybrands.com for more information.

Shana rosenthal
Fish tip
[email protected]

SOURCE Successware

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Rex to bring back Boeing 737s from November 15 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/rex-to-bring-back-boeing-737s-from-november-15/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/rex-to-bring-back-boeing-737s-from-november-15/#respond Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:09:48 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/rex-to-bring-back-boeing-737s-from-november-15/
A Rex 737-800. Photo: Supplied.

Regional Express (Rex) plans to resume domestic Boeing 737-800 flights between Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra from November 15.

The airline said domestic services to South Australia and Queensland would follow once vaccination rates in those states hit 80%.

It also operates a fleet of Saab 340B turboprop aircraft and said regional intra-state services in New South Wales and Victoria will also be gradually strengthened from November 15.

READ: Qantas Launches Biggest Frequent Flyer Seating Release Ever.

Rex grounded his 737s after Australia’s internal borders were closed due to rising COVID cases, but said rising vaccination rates and easing restrictions prompted his decision to hand over the jets in service.

Prior to the surge in COVID cases, Rex operated 737 services from Melbourne to Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Canberra and from Sydney to Gold Coast. He had six B737s when he grounded the plane in July, but expected two more in August.

The carrier said the additional planes would give it the ability to launch new routes to other capitals, major regional centers and popular leisure destinations.

It competes with the Qantas Group and Virgin Australia, but is expected to face a new entrant in the market when the super-low-cost carrier Bonza launches next year.

Bonza has yet to reveal route details or fares, but said he plans to avoid the highly competitive Brisbane-Melbourne-Sydney triangle. Instead, it will focus on regional and leisure destinations with an emphasis on underserved destinations or those previously overlooked by historic airlines.

The airline is led by former Cebu Pacific chief commercial officer and FlyArystan managing director Tim Jordan, and is backed by a US-based private investment firm, 777 Partners.

It will use a fuel-efficient 737 MAX 8 aircraft and says it will offer consistent ultra-low fares and new travel options.

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How schools struggle to serve lunch amid supply chain obstacles https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-schools-struggle-to-serve-lunch-amid-supply-chain-obstacles/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-schools-struggle-to-serve-lunch-amid-supply-chain-obstacles/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 20:55:43 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-schools-struggle-to-serve-lunch-amid-supply-chain-obstacles/

School routines have been turned upside down amid the COVID-19 pandemic and due to recent nationwide supply chain issues, new challenges are emerging for free lunch programs.

From distribution delays and shortages of fresh food to cafeteria supplies like platters and tongs, districts across the United States have had to rework breakfast and lunch options for students.

In Alabama, schools in Alexander City took to social media earlier this month to warn parents on Facebook that due to lack of food deliveries from vendors, their breakfast would be affected in the coming weeks. .

“In the previous weeks, we have not received our food deliveries due to shortage of suppliers, drivers and even warehouse workers,” said Oct. 9, adding that he had opened accounts with outside suppliers to obtain more supplies. “If possible, we ask that you feed your student breakfast before school or try to send a snack.”

Schools in Alexander City also had to modify their menus to accommodate the supplies they were receiving instead and advised parents of the limited menu choices, but confirmed that “at no time did our students been offered or served a meal for lunch or breakfast ”.

“This is a situation that is frustrating for you as a parent, and for us and our ability to feed our students is greatly impacted,” the post said.

Tonya Grier, director of the infant nutrition program for schools in Dothan City, told “GMA” that her district, located nearly three hours from Alexander City, has experienced similar problems.

“Deliveries from our primary distributor continue to be unpredictable; we are not sure of the finish until we see the truck at the back door. There are still several items (food and non-food) that are marked as “out” orders, but the seller is working to find and offer substitutes for items that are scarce from manufacturers, “said Grier to “GMA”. “We are working to secure the products of other distributors, but they too face the same challenges of supply chain disruptions.”

“The shortage of supplies to serve food is particularly troubling. We are used to substituting foods to make a menu; this sometimes happened even before COVID-19. But if we can’t get trays, cups and cutlery to serve food to students, it’s a whole different challenge for us, ”Grier said. “We serve an average of 9,400 meals a day (breakfast and lunch combined), and the sheer volume of food and supplies needed to do this means going to our local grocery stores and warehouse club is not an option. viable for us. “

Dothan Superintendent Dennis Coe told “GMA” that “the uncertainty of food supply” has created “an additional layer of stress and anxiety for staff.”

“This exacerbates our current difficulties in hiring qualified staff,” Coe said of the current problems facing Dothan schools.

School district public relations manager Megan Dorsey added that with students home for fall vacation until Oct. 20, they believe “the stress of food shortages” could be mitigated.

In September, the US Department of Agriculture announced a $ 1.5 billion investment to help schools respond to supply chain disruptions and feed students.

“Throughout the pandemic, school feeding professionals have faced extraordinary challenges in ensuring that every child can get the food they need to learn, grow and thrive,” USDA said in a statement. communicated. “But circumstances in local communities remain unpredictable and food and labor supply chains have been stressed and at times disrupted. These funds will support the purchase of agricultural products and enable the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS ) and USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to enhance the toolkit for hard-working school nutrition professionals to ensure students have reliable access to healthy meals. ”

School Nutrition Association President Beth Wallace hailed the waiver as “a huge relief for the school nutrition professionals who work so hard to serve our students healthy meals in the face of unprecedented challenges.”

Over the past several months, Wallace said his organization has made an effort to “secure food and meal supplies for our students and rework our menus when our orders have been canceled or deliveries have been delayed.”

An SNA survey heading into the 2021 school year found that 97% of school meal program directors nationwide were concerned about continuing supply chain disruptions in the event of a pandemic. Of those affected, SNA said 65% cited it as a “serious” concern.

Problems reported in the investigation included “canceled orders, food and supply shortages, product substitutions, price increases, deliveries delayed and canceled often with little or no notice.”

Chalkbeat, a nonprofit that focuses on education news, has launched a self-submission form for parents, administrators and districts to report similar food program situations regarding supply chain issues.

In Newark, New Jersey’s largest neighborhood, Patrick Wall told “GMA” that the shortages extended beyond food and dining supplies, but to cafeteria workers creating lunch options ” horrible “for children, because it is” difficult to prepare meals from scratch “.

“In response, the district began to outsource some of its meal production. Last month it made a $ 3.9 million ’emergency purchase’ of prepared meals from a vendor.” , did he declare.

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Former Mount Washington Church Now Home to Warschawski Marketing Communications Agency https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/former-mount-washington-church-now-home-to-warschawski-marketing-communications-agency/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/former-mount-washington-church-now-home-to-warschawski-marketing-communications-agency/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:16:51 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/former-mount-washington-church-now-home-to-warschawski-marketing-communications-agency/

The transformation of a historic Mount Washington church into the new headquarters of a marketing communications agency Warsaw is now complete.

The agency recently completed the $ 6 million renovation with an event attended by state and city officials, as well as leaders from the Baltimore entrepreneurial community. The 20,000 square foot space is in the former Episcopal Church of St. John, which had been vacant for several years. Warschawski believes it can help attract and retain talent in Baltimore.

In addition to being the home of Warschawski, the company is also the headquarters of W companies, a venture capital fund launched by the founder David Warschawski this year, startups thrive through investment, space and growth marketing services.

While the team led the renovation project, Baltimore played a big role. Warschawski wanted to serve as a model for the possibility present in the many old buildings of the city.

“We believe in Baltimore and wanted to do our part to invest in the city of Baltimore and reclaim a beautiful old building that had badly deteriorated and make it a symbol of what is possible in Baltimore. You can create a visually stunning and successful home for your business in Baltimore, just like we did with our headquarters here, ”Warschawski said in a statement. “We hope other businesses see the potential in some of Baltimore’s older buildings and invest in them, as we have done, to make our neighborhoods stronger, safer and more prosperous.”

The Warschawski team worked on every detail of the renovation to create a space that reflects its brand, as well as “exciting, energetic, full of sun and natural light, collaborative, fun, dynamic and aesthetically first-rate” , COO Shana harris noted.

The renovation involved preserving the building’s past. The project included the restoration of works of art, including new gold leaf on an entire wall, the refurbishment of the original entrance doors and work to preserve the wooden ceiling and lighting. original. Stained glass windows were also removed and transported to Nicaragua, where they now shine in a newly built church.

The agency sought to combine the old and the new.

“We have worked very hard to preserve the history of the building and its historic appearance, whenever possible by marrying it with a sleek, modern look and function,” said Harris. “For example, we have done everything possible to ensure that all new HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems are not visible anywhere in the main building by designing all systems to pass under the ground and through the floors. walls. We wanted the aesthetics of the building and its beautiful original all-wood beam roof and original artwork to be the focal point rather than new conduits or cables.

The renovation has also made way for new functionalities within the framework of the head office. There is now a two-story media room which is equipped for Warschawski to shoot videos and commercials, as well as full photo shoots. The brick space doubles as a meeting or event room. Having in-house production capacity is rare for an agency.

Other features include a new mezzanine section and two flying staircases, as well as a ‘creative clubhouse’. The renovation also included the addition of an ADA-accessible elevator, two commercial kitchens, four conference rooms, eight new bathrooms, and four office showers. This will come in handy for team members who want to hike or bike the Jones Falls Trail, which is right next to the office.

Check out more photos:

A conference room at Warschawski headquarters. (Courtesy photo)

A hallway at Warschawski HQ on Mount Washington. (Courtesy photo)

The exterior view of Warschawski HQ in Mount Washington. (Courtesy photo)

A hallway at Warschawski HQ on Mount Washington. (Courtesy photo)

Workspace at Warschawski headquarters.  (

Workspace at Warschawski headquarters. (Courtesy photo)

Window detail at the headquarters of Warschawski

Detail of the window at the headquarters of Warschawski. (Courtesy photo)

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I cleaned gutters, drew water for N20, N80 in Nigeria – Victor Osimhen https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/i-cleaned-gutters-drew-water-for-n20-n80-in-nigeria-victor-osimhen/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/i-cleaned-gutters-drew-water-for-n20-n80-in-nigeria-victor-osimhen/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:36:55 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/i-cleaned-gutters-drew-water-for-n20-n80-in-nigeria-victor-osimhen/

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has revealed how he struggled to make ends meet before turning into a professional footballer.

Osimhen said he did menial jobs like cleaning gutters for N20, fetching water for N20, N80 and selling bagged water in traffic while growing up in Nigeria.

The 22-year-old, who is arguably one of the best young forwards in Europe, also said he finds pleasure in doing menial jobs while growing up, adding that it has shaped him to become the man he is today.

“Most people are familiar when I say this because they have experienced even worse [situations] than mine and where I grew up nothing is promised there because whatever you want to achieve you have to work so hard for it, ”Osimhen said, as quoted by Head Topics.

“I remember when I was young, I cleaned the gutters for 20 naira, for my landlord and did some cleaning work for my neighbors near my house, fetching water for 80 naira, I think.

“I found pleasure in doing these things because I believed that when I worked so hard to get this money, it was important to me. I knew how to spend this money and help my family.

“When I grew up, my brother sold newspapers, my sister sold oranges. I was in traffic with water and I had to chase cars, give them water to get money. I feel like these struggles have helped me in my life.

“I’m grateful for where I am today because of what I would have been through, it shaped me to become the man I am. I am truly grateful to God for this.

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SAFE hosting a community discussion on housing challenges | Local News https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/safe-hosting-a-community-discussion-on-housing-challenges-local-news/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/safe-hosting-a-community-discussion-on-housing-challenges-local-news/#respond Sun, 17 Oct 2021 20:35:00 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/safe-hosting-a-community-discussion-on-housing-challenges-local-news/

All of the survivors interviewed alluded to the difficulty of competing for housing without personal ties or subsidies.

At the time of questioning, these survivors were being housed “creatively” or accessing housing outside the traditional market. The inability of survivors to maintain their homes had a lot to do with high housing costs and low wages.

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A survivor said she never had enough money to live independently. Even when she was living with her abusive partner, they struggled to afford housing. “We were trying to take Section 8 somewhere else and we moved here to stay with his family.” Another survivor said she and her new partner would not have been able to secure affordable housing that would suit her children without the generosity of an independent, low-cost landlord from their faith community.

All of the survivors mentioned that their experiences of family violence and especially financial abuse presented unique barriers to housing. Three of the survivors felt isolated from their families, resources and community by their abuser. One of them said that she had “absolutely no one and nothing here” other than her partner.

Another survivor explained how difficult it was to navigate the rental application process after ending her abusive relationship, saying she had no rental history or financial resources on her own behalf. The time-consuming and resource-intensive process of breaking out of an abusive relationship posed more challenges for women: navigating the criminal justice system, paying legal fees, negotiating cost sharing for children, coping with the effects traumatic experiences of violence, and even recovering household belongings where they once shared with their abuser and had no place to store them in a newer, smaller house.

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