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Smartphones, computers, tablets and tech accessories are now used more and more in the home, so they are quickly infected with dirt, fingerprints and even bacteria. From the user. So how do you properly clean the technology and make it “cleaner and more waterproof” without compromising the lifespan?

Apple is very thoughtful when it comes to spending a long page advising users to clean products “to Apple standards,” which includes a list of cleaning agents and should not be used. While this article is intended for Apple, it can be applied to any business.

Apple Recommended Cleaning Products: Glass wipes (not sponge), 70% isoprene alcohol wipes, 75% ethyl alcohol wipes, chloro toilet paper

Apple recommends avoiding: Glass cleaner, bleach, abrasives and damp cloth in perforated products

IPhones and iPods

With iPhones and iPods, Apple recommends wiping them down after contact with sand, ink, cosmetics, cleaners, acidic foods, or lotions, which leaves you with more than a handful of fingerprints. . Motor. The company wants you to disconnect when you plug in the charger or headphones, turn off the device, and then wipe the iPhone and iPad with a clean damp cloth and avoid open parts (to charge the port).

If the stain is too “stubborn” you can replace it with 70% isopropyl alcohol or 75% ethyl alcohol, strong cleaners can remove the oleophobic layer used by company glass, or even scratch. Pace also offers a dedicated product line for smartphones and tablets, including cleaning solutions and smooth surfaces for cleaning.

Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 3.
Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 4.

Cases, pencils and hydrofoils

Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 5.

A somewhat “special” accessory in the cleaning process is the leather iPhone case. According to Apple, the oil on the user’s hands will dull the skin over time, which is normal and any skin product will benefit. The company recommends cleaning the skin casing with a towel in lukewarm water, as any other detergent will change the color of the skin and no longer look good.

Shows Apple users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 6.

Other plastic parts such as Apple Pencil and Airboats can be cleaned in the same way as the above instructions for iPhone and iPod. As for the Apple pencil, the company claims that only the handle should be cleaned and the tip should be avoided. For airplanes, a small cotton cloth can be used to remove dust and earwax; Do not use toothpaste, tweezers, or sharp objects to do this as this may puncture the protective film.

Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 7.
Shows Apple users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 8.
Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 9.

MacBook and Magic Keyboard

Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 10.

Like the iPhone and iPad, Apple wants users to unplug their MacBook and turn off the power before cleaning. Besides the 70% isopril parts, you can also use a Chlorox cleaning cloth to clean the metal parts of the MacBook, which is large in size, which also saves you time. When it comes to the screen, the company recommends using a window cloth only in lukewarm water and waiting for it to dry to operate.

The MacBook keyboard and Magic keyboard are flat and don’t have a lot of large cracks, so dust doesn’t stick much. But if you are careful you can buy a soft broom, 1-2 “lines” to wipe away all the dust!

Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 11.
Apple shows users how to clean technology products according to Apple standards - Photo 12.

Everyone wants to clean their technology effectively and stay healthy to fight infections!

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Turning Point Participates in the Domestic Violence Reduction Campaign https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/turning-point-participates-in-the-domestic-violence-reduction-campaign/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/turning-point-participates-in-the-domestic-violence-reduction-campaign/#respond Mon, 26 Jul 2021 06:22:20 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/turning-point-participates-in-the-domestic-violence-reduction-campaign/

Staff reports

Turning Point Domestic Violence Services has partnered with the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence for the #INAgainstDA campaign.

The campaign breaks with many domestic violence campaigns by focusing on survivors of domestic violence and domestic violence to passers-by and the community at large.

“Everyone has a role to play in ending the stigma surrounding domestic violence,” said Laura Berry, Executive Director of ICADV. “In our ongoing discussions with survivors of domestic violence and abuse, they all report facing the stigma and barriers around their decisions. “

There is a misconception that leaving the situation is the first step, but the reality for many survivors is much more complicated, Berry said.

“This campaign challenges those beliefs and calls on viewers to learn more about the nuances of domestic violence and the resources available,” she said. “I am very proud of this campaign, and hope it will help raise awareness not only of the variety of ways that anyone can help, but also of the variety of workable solutions for survivors.”

Turning Point’s partnership with ICADV in this campaign is reaching target audiences in the Jackson County area.

“As compassionate service providers, one of the most important things we do in our job is to listen,” said Lisa Shafran, president of Turning Point. “Survivors across the state have courageously raised their voices to tell us what they want and need from their communities. Turning Point is committed to this campaign to educate our communities and reduce the stigma that survivors of domestic violence have experienced. “

For more information on the campaign and how it is being implemented by Turning Point in Jackson County, call 812-657-4163.

In one look

Turning Point Domestic Violence Services serves the counties of Bartholomew, Brown, Jackson, Johnson and Shelby.

For more information on events and news, follow Turning Point on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To learn more about the services or to donate, visit turnpointdv.org.

Anyone in need of service can call the 24-hour helpline at 800-221-6311.

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BERKELEY – A grass fire in McLaughlin Eastshore State Park near the town’s marina emitted smoke that worried many East Bay residents on Sunday.

The blaze started around 6:15 p.m., sending a large column of smoke west of Interstate 80 that clung to the hills, forcing some residents of Berkeley and Oakland to call fire departments in other cities and to post on social networks.

“According to Oakland Fire Dispatch: Berkeley Fire is working on a 2 acre wildland fire in the Berkeley Marina area, smoke from miles away is heading directly for the Berkeley and Oakland Hills,” a post said. Oakland Fire Department.

“There are no actual reports of fire in the Oakland Hills.”

The blaze was then estimated to be 1.5 acres, did not threaten any structure and was caused by a cooking fire at a Berkeley Meadow camp near University and Marina boulevards, the regional park fire captain said on Sunday evening. East Bay, Kent Simpson.

No injuries were reported and street closures along West Frontage Road were lifted around 8 p.m.

Simpson attributed a swift response to the Berkeley and East Bay Regional Park firefighters, who boarded at least half a dozen engines and brought the blaze under control within minutes.

“It was burning in the grass and brush and it was making a lot of smoke,” Simpson said. “Because of the westerly winds, it pushed a lot of weed smoke into the community. It’s completely understandable that residents are nervous.

Simpson reminded residents of the importance of preparing for possible wildfires, including using a defensible space around properties, packing emergency supplies and preparing for evacuation.

Contact George Kelly at 408-859-5180.

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Employer claims £ 265,000 in damages from Plumbing Pensions – DB & Derisking https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/employer-claims-265000-in-damages-from-plumbing-pensions-db-derisking/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/employer-claims-265000-in-damages-from-plumbing-pensions-db-derisking/#respond Sun, 25 Jul 2021 12:13:42 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/employer-claims-265000-in-damages-from-plumbing-pensions-db-derisking/

Kamco, a plumbing and heating services company, argued in its summons that Plumbing Pensions – the pension scheme administrator for the plumbing and mechanical services industry (UK) – continued to promote The pension fund actively reached out to potential employers, despite knowledge of the growing problems associated with orphaned liabilities, and did not inform them that they would incur Section 75 debt liability if they joined the scheme.

Pensions Expert has previously reported on long-standing issues with the regime’s management of Section 75 debts and orphan liabilities.

Under section 75 of the Pensions Act 1995, employers in multi-employer schemes become liable for the employer’s debt when they leave the scheme or cease operations.

Plumbing Pensions may be willing to talk to us to find a reasonable compromise.

Keith MacBain, Kamco

If they don’t pay, it becomes what’s called an orphan liability, and the plan’s remaining employers assume the burden.

While this may not be a problem for multi-employer plans in which a number of large employers participate, the 1995 legislation does not appear to take into account the possibility of small traders being caught in the same situation.

The plumbing plan still has 350 employers, out of 4,000 who have followed the plan since its inception.

Many of these remaining employers are small traders, and they have been plagued with orphan liabilities amounting to £ 1.6bn, threatening a number of small unincorporated plumbing business owners in particular with bankruptcy and the prospect of losing their home.

Several employers wrote letters of complaint to the plan regarding its handling of the employer’s section 75 exit debts, which the plan did not begin to collect until 2019 despite regulations requiring collection since 2005. .

The delays caused “damage”

“Due to the defender’s breaches of duty, the prosecutor will suffer loss and damage which, without the defender’s breaches of duty, he would not have suffered,” Kamco’s summons said.

“If the defender had complied with his above-mentioned obligations, the prosecutor would not have participated in the scheme. He would have made alternative retirement arrangements for his employees who would not have exposed him to liability under section 75. ”

While Kamco was a participating employer in the scheme, he paid contributions on behalf of his employees totaling £ 107,455. Then, in April 2019, Plumbing Pensions estimated that it had incurred Section 75 obligations worth £ 260,576.

Kamco requests a payment by Plumbing Pensions of £ 260,576 with an interest rate of 8% per annum, from the date of the citation until such payment has been made.

It also demands that Plumbing Pensions pay Kamco “any amount for which it is liable under section 75” as damages.

Keith MacBain, chief executive of Kamco, told Pensions Expert that the summons was filed due to “damage” caused by Plumbing Pensions’ inability to notify employers of its inability to collect section 75 debts.

“The pension regulator knew what the plumbing pensions were doing and on March 17, 2014 told them they should inform new employers of the Section 75 liability. We then signed on to start with Plumbing Pensions in April 2014. They should have complied with TPR’s instructions, but they did not.

A spokesperson for Plumbing Pensions said: “The action has just been served, the trust company is taking legal advice, and the case is brought to the Trustee’s motion to the Sessional Court.”

TPR acted “with no delay”

Mr. MacBain shared with Pensions Expert the response he received to a complaint filed with TPR.

He said: “On March 17, 2014, we wrote to the Trustee to express our concerns regarding the section 75 debt issue, including how this risk could affect new employers who may be. join the program. These concerns were raised in the historical context where it was said that the trustee could not calculate debts under section 75.

In June 2014, the trustee declared that he had taken measures “pending a discussion with the regulator”, in particular by suspending advertising in the specialized press and by not recruiting any new employer.

“While it is obviously unfortunate that the program did not close to new employers before Kamco joined, we do not consider that we acted late or that we did not ensure that the trustee follow the instructions, ”TPR continued in response.

“On the contrary, we urged the trustee to reconsider the question of section 75 and to close the plan to new employers.”

Although Plumbing Pensions has closed its doors to new employers, paradoxically, this has not stopped new employers from joining us. In April, the company reported that while a creditworthy employer was wound up and nine employers went bankrupt, three new employers were admitted to the program.

A spokesperson for Plumbing Pensions told Pensions Expert: “In the year up to April 5, 2021, three new employers joined the scheme as a result of flexible payout arrangements.

“An FAA is a legitimate legal mechanism that allows an employer to transfer their pension obligations from one legal entity to another with the consent of the trustee,” they said.

Using plan assets against employers?

Pensions Expert reported in March last year that Plumbing Pensions, preparing for legal battles with employers over its acknowledged inability to handle Section 75 debts and communicate properly with employers, had filed a claim. petition to the Court of Session to allow him to use the assets of the regime to finance his legal battles.

“The Trustee is currently seeking instructions from the Scottish Courts as to whether he can rely on the compensation provided in the rules of the scheme to cover expenses related to matters relating to the employer’s debt under the section 75, “said the spokesperson for Plumbing Pensions.

“The trustee’s request was delayed by Covid-19 and the resulting court closures, so we are still awaiting the outcome. ”

The Sessional Court heard the motion on Friday and is now considering its response.

“I understand there is apparently no funds to pay us if we win a lawsuit against them, so I’m not sure when the game ends,” MacBain said.

“Plumbing Pensions may be willing to talk to us to find a reasonable compromise.” He added that he intended to lodge a complaint with the pensions ombudsman.

Governance failures and poor communication

Pensions Expert reported in February on the appointment of Jon Bridger as Chairman of the Plumbing and Mechanical Services Industry Pension Scheme (UK).

He acknowledged that the plan had not communicated the problems it was having with the Section 75 debt to its employers, and explained the governance review undertaken in September of last year, which, according to him, would help solve the problem in the future.

He also argued that the problem arose because the data was not available for trustees to calculate section 75 debt when they needed it.

“I think everyone recognizes its impact on funding and liabilities. But it was also clearly an issue for us in terms of the administration and the administration system, and the ability to actually calculate those debts, ”Bridger said at the time.

He argued that the complexity of the data operation was largely responsible for the long delay between the enactment of the regulations in 2005 and the debt prosecution regime from 2019.

Plumbing Pensions previously told Pensions Expert that the trustee is always required to follow the law as it is written.

A radical change of governance in perspective for Plumbing Pensions

The new chairman of the struggling UK plumbing and mechanical industry pension scheme is set to oversee a radical overhaul of its governance structure, with a focus on the gaps noted in section 75 debt payments.

Read more

Speaking to Pensions Expert in February, a spokesperson said: “Unless the law changes, the trustee must continue to pursue the employer’s debts under section 75 when possible. recover without incurring costs disproportionate to the amount likely to be recovered.

“The trustee has spent considerable time improving its data on its members and employers and internal systems so that the employer’s debts can be calculated accurately and fairly. “

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CPS to rehire Aramark to clean schools, despite pledge not to – and the company’s record on dirty schools https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/cps-to-rehire-aramark-to-clean-schools-despite-pledge-not-to-and-the-companys-record-on-dirty-schools/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/cps-to-rehire-aramark-to-clean-schools-despite-pledge-not-to-and-the-companys-record-on-dirty-schools/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 20:03:15 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/cps-to-rehire-aramark-to-clean-schools-despite-pledge-not-to-and-the-companys-record-on-dirty-schools/

A month before teachers and students return to Chicago public school buildings and in the midst of a wave of the highly contagious variant of COVID-19 Delta, district leaders are still finalizing who will clean up. classrooms – and are considering rehire Aramark despite a history of problems with the janitorial juggernaut.

With the support of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, CPS leaders announced last year that they would abandon private facility managers Aramark and SodexoMAGIC, who for years had almost complete autonomy to maintain schools, many of which are remained dirty. The plan was to hand over the control and oversight of cleaning and maintenance of hundreds of schools to CPS employees while finding a new supplier to help manage these operations.

But even with a new business in place, the shift to a different model of facilities management dragged on and left little time for a complicated transition. The compressed schedule has led SodexoMAGIC to warn the school system to “put itself and potentially its supplier partners at high risk of failure” as time is running out during the summer vacation.

Pressed for time a year after declaring its relationship with Aramark over, the CPS backtracked and planned as early as Friday to ask the Board of Education next week to authorize the rehiring of Aramark to clean all of its school buildings, learned from the Chicago Sun-Times. .

District officials promise more surveillance this time around.

While masks, social distancing, and proper ventilation have proven to be the most effective in tackling the airborne coronavirus, the stakes around clean schools are still going strong this fall. Families and health experts are worried about the latest mutation of COVID-19, the disturbing and transmissible Delta variant that is causing an increase in cases in Chicago and around the world.

About two-thirds of the 340,000 CPS students are under 12, still too young to be shot. Only 36% of Chicago’s children over 12 have been fully immunized.

Since Chicago reopened on June 11, rates of COVID-19 cases have nearly doubled and over the past week have jumped 69% with a daily average of 115 new infections – well below the peak of the year last but going in the wrong direction. About 17 children a day have been diagnosed with the virus over the past week, according to city data.

In order to alleviate parents’ concerns, interim CEO José Torres told families on Thursday that the PSC will continue to require students, staff and visitors to wear masks indoors, that they may or may not be vaccinated, except when eating or drinking.

He said some children will have breakfast and lunch in classrooms, not just cafeterias, to keep children three feet from each other when possible. This means more food and waste sources, more potential mess to clean up.

Most new janitors are not yet at work

However, the vast majority of the 400 new guardians that CPS has pledged to recruit during the pandemic and keep for the next school year have not been hired.

The Sun-Times documented serious problems with the performance of Aramark and SodexoMAGIC, a long-time source of complaints to the Board of Education from parents and school staff.

Before 2014, engineers and school principals managed their own buildings. But under the outsourcing system first introduced that year, the two companies handled all operations, including managing various other vendors each specializing in services such as grounds maintenance, snow removal, pest control and cleanup.

By 2018, schools had gotten dirty and Aramark had cheated to pass cleanliness inspections by notifying schools when inspections were coming. CPS has promised to hire more cleaning staff and better monitor its suppliers.

Months after the pandemic lockdown, district leaders announced that oversight of cleaning and other services would return internally by the 2021-22 school year, with CPS employees overseeing private companies performing these services. . The contracts with Aramark and SodexoMAGIC were to be phased out before July 1.

This spring, CPS said it needed more time to transition and therefore extended its contracts until September 30.

The new business model allows a supplier, working hand in hand with CPS staff, to oversee various service contracts. A request for tenders was issued last September, but the tender was canceled a day after the deadline for responses because CPS wanted to “increase competition,” according to a letter to district officials from SodexoMAGIC. complaining this summer about the process.

A second nearly identical request followed days after the cancellation, garnering offers from Aramark and SodexoMAGIC, as well as Jones Lang LaSalle Americas LLC, or JLL, which missed the first round.

Chicago-based JLL prevailed, with members of the Board of Education clearing a deal in June to spend up to $ 125.5 million a year for three years.

CPS will not say whether its contract which was to start on July 1 with JLL has been finalized. JLL generally manages real estate and business facilities and does not show any K-12 schools work on its website.

A JLL representative did not return any messages for comment.

In addition, another request for a quote for concierge services was also issued last fall. Three of the bidders were called back to present to the board, says one of them, Chicagoland Janitorial LLC. The other two were Aramark and ABM Industries Inc. – who had ties to a recently indicted high-level CPS staff member and whose CPS contract offer was already canceled at the last minute due to his mismanagement. allegations of sexual abuse.

Chicagoland Janitorial, a local business made up of seven minority and women-owned businesses, was told months ago of its failure, leaving ABM and Aramark in the race.

CPS spokeswoman Emily Bolton said at one point in the process the district accidentally told ABM it would get the new janitorial contract, but clarified that error.

Then, for reasons he won’t explain, CPS chose Aramark, sources said. Bolton has denied that a decision has been made.

A teacher receives disinfectant wipes during a class at Jordan Community Elementary School in the Rogers Park neighborhood on Friday morning, January 15, 2021.
Pat Nabong / Sun-Times

The best of bad options

A source familiar with the process said there were issues with each of the bidders and, for some in the district, Aramark was the best of the bad options.

When asked about the deal, ABM spokesman Michael Valentino was unaware that Aramark would be chosen and said: “We understand that the bidding process remains open.”

The CPS would not make any officials available for an interview until Monday morning, when the agenda for Wednesday’s school board meeting is released.

Bolton said in an email that the district was “unable to discuss a recommendation for a child care provider at this time,” but stressed that under the new system JLL would work with CPS to “reshape facility support for schools”. The role of the custodian supplier, Bolton said, would in turn be less important with “much more oversight and transparency”.

Mayor César Rodriguez’s spokesperson and Aramark spokesperson Heather Dotchel declined to answer questions, referring them to the CPS.

SodexoMAGIC, owned in part by ex-NBA superstar Magic Johnson, only bid on the larger facilities contract, according to a spokesperson.

But delays in setting up a new company – a transition CPS told bidders would occur last February or March and now slated for October 1 – have led Sodexo executives to warn CPS twice in writing. that their new deadlines were unworkable, especially since the three main executives of CPS were pretty much leaving.

“If the CPS continues, it could place itself in a ‘disaster waiting to happen’ scenario,” read an 8-page May 7 email to the outgoing district director of operations, obtained by the Sun-Times.

A day before the board of directors unanimously approved the JLL deal last month, Sodexo also filed an 8-page protest with CPS, renewing its warnings about decisions that could allow the Chicago Teachers Union to “raise unsubstantiated allegations and create political theater and negative media attention.” – and questioning the legitimacy of the call for tenders process.

WCB negotiations continue with the district on health and safety measures for the fall.

All students will be required to wear masks in schools this fall, except when eating in classrooms or the cafeteria.
Ashlee Rezin Garcia / Sun-Times

The Union foresees future problems

By the time of the new bid, CPS responding to JLL’s questions after a deadline to do so had passed and “JLL’s decision to respond to the new solicitation after refusing to respond to an almost identical bid raising signals. alarm about the process ”, the letter from SodexoMAGIC reads. “Awarding a new contract to a supplier who lacks experience in the public school system at this point is ill-advised and poses serious risks to the board, the students and parents it serves, as well as the principals, teachers and other staff of more than 600 Council schools.

Both times, SodexoMAGIC has offered to extend its own multi-million contracts to give CPS more time to adjust to its new model.

Bolton of CPS said the district had “ample time” for the transition. Asked about the letters from SodexoMAGIC, Bolton said existing suppliers “continue to have the same resources and staff, and should fulfill their contractual obligations for the safe opening of schools on August 30 and a smooth transition. to the new model on October 1 “.

SEIU Local 73, the union that represents custodians employed by the school board, predicted problems would arise with the new facilities management model, as they did with previous systems.

“Any private organization that takes over, we have a concern. Our experience has not been positive, ”said union executive Science Meles. “We’ve been through all of these changes and every time they’ve said this time around is going to work. And it didn’t work. “

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Returning impaired GOES-West satellite to service https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/returning-impaired-goes-west-satellite-to-service/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/returning-impaired-goes-west-satellite-to-service/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 19:33:07 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/returning-impaired-goes-west-satellite-to-service/
Last view of Earth from the now restored GOES-West weather satellite. Image: NOAA

The GOES-West weather satellite has resumed service after being broken down yesterday due to an anomaly. Originally known as GOES-17 and GOES-S before that, a satellite-triggered on-board computer reset forced it to go into safe mode at 1:37 a.m.ET yesterday. In this phase, all GOES-17 instruments were automatically turned off. This morning, NOAA announced that the GOES-17 has exited backup mode and engineers expect its six instruments to return to normal operations soon.

GOES-17 is no stranger to technical failures. A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket brought the GOES-S satellite into space for NASA and NOAA on the evening of March 1, 2018. The perfect launch brought the last satellite of the operational geostationary environmental satellite (GOES) – R series of orbiting satellites. After reaching orbit, the GOES-S was renamed GOES-17. After a period of control that was to extend into the spring, GOES-17 was to enter service as GOES-West and provide the Pacific and Western United States with additional coverage to GOES-East, which does the same for the Atlantic. and eastern United States.

The United Launch Alliance Delta V rocket lifted off its launch pad, bringing the GOES-S weather satellite into space.  Photograh: Dr. Ken Kremer Exclusive for Weatherboy
The United Launch Alliance Delta V rocket lifted off its launch pad, bringing the GOES-S weather satellite into space. Photograh: Dr. Ken Kremer Exclusive for Weatherboy

During this phase of checking the satellite before it becomes operational, program specialists identified a major malfunction with the Advanced Baseline Imager. The problem affects 13 of the infrared and near infrared channels of the instrument, which has a total of 16 channels. A team of experts from NOAA, NASA, ABI’s contractor team, and industry investigated the issue and pursued several possible corrective actions.

The problem is with the plumbing in the cooling system which keeps the imager’s infrared detectors cool enough. Stephen Volz, NOAA’s deputy administrator for satellite and information services at the time, told reporters the problem was a “serious problem” during a conference call. “This is the first terrestrial pointing instrument on the GOES platform, and 16 channels, including 13 infrared or near infrared, are important parts of our observation needs, and if they are not fully functioning, it is is a loss. It’s a performance issue that we have to solve, ”Volz said.

The latest GOES satellites have many high-tech features to advance the science of meteorology.  Image: NOAA
The latest GOES satellites have many high-tech features to advance the science of meteorology. Image: NOAA

By the time the satellite became operational in November 2019, most of the satellite’s capabilities had been restored. Work had been carried out to reduce and / or circumvent the erroneous data coming from the satellite. “The GOES-17 ABI is now expected to provide over 97% of the data for which it was designed, a testament to the skill and dedication of the engineers and all members of the GOES project team,” Stephen said. Volz, Ph.D., director of NOAA’s satellite and information service. “We are confident that the GOES constellation will continue to meet the needs of forecasters across the country. “

According to NOAA, the probable cause of yesterday’s anomaly appears to be a memory bit error in the spacecraft’s computer. NOAA’s engineering team claim that the computer responded to commands correctly. As part of the service restoration, earlier this morning the Advanced Baseline Imager and Magnetometer have been restored and data is flowing. In a statement, NOAA said: “The team expects minor short-term data quality issues during instrument recalibration, but GOES-17 is on track to a full recovery without lasting effects on the instruments. the satellite. “


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A quick checklist for car maintenance at school https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/a-quick-checklist-for-car-maintenance-at-school/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/a-quick-checklist-for-car-maintenance-at-school/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 17:10:00 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/a-quick-checklist-for-car-maintenance-at-school/

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Back to school is approaching – are you ready? It’s time to break out the backpacks and lunch boxes, stock up on school supplies and buy back-to-school clothes. It’s also time to make sure you’re ready for the busy schedule that comes with the new school year and that your car is ready too. The Toyota of N Charlotte auto maintenance team is here with tips to help you prepare ahead of time so you can get back to school as easily and efficiently as possible!

4 things to do before the start of the school year

Tip 1: Make an appointment for the maintenance of your car.

Be sure to plan your car maintenance BEFORE the school year begins. This is a great time to do an oil change, tire rotation, and any other services you may need, such as a battery check, windshield wiper replacement, brake maintenance, or service. fluid inspection. Plus, our automotive service technicians perform a multi-point inspection of your car every time you visit us, so they can spot any developing issues and deal with them before they get worse.

Tip 2: Detail your trip.

Why not start the new school year with a fresh and clean ride? Get your car detailed or DIY the work at home. You need to wash and wax the exterior, wipe and vacuum the interior, scrub the tires, and clean the glass. This is also a great time to get rid of all the trash that is floating around and clean under the car seats.

Tip 3: Organize and store your car.

Another back-to-school car care tip is to organize and store your car. You have just detailed it; Keep it neat by keeping things organized with a cargo or trunk organizer and in-seat organizers for the backseat. You should also clean up any superfluous garbage that you don’t need for your daily driving time. While you’re at it, make sure you are stocked with roadside emergency supplies. You’ll want to keep a spare tire kit, jumper cables, tool kit, first aid kit, and coolant in your car just in case, and it never hurts to have it. bottled water and some non-perishable snacks on hand.

Tip 4: Solve all the small problems.

This is also a great time to take care of small repairs that you have put off. That way, you don’t have to worry about them (or turning them into big repairs) when things get busy during the school year. Let our Charlotte auto service technicians give you at least an estimate to get things fixed before school starts.

Visit Toyota of N Charlotte for your car maintenance before the start of the fall semester!

Want to get your car serviced in before things get too busy? Call us ! The Toyota of N Charlotte Auto Service Center is open seven days a week at (704) 659-2025 and we are conveniently located just off I-77 at Exit 23 in Huntersville.

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Study suggests electric vehicles are significantly cleaner than gasoline-powered cars over their lifespan https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/study-suggests-electric-vehicles-are-significantly-cleaner-than-gasoline-powered-cars-over-their-lifespan/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/study-suggests-electric-vehicles-are-significantly-cleaner-than-gasoline-powered-cars-over-their-lifespan/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:27:17 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/study-suggests-electric-vehicles-are-significantly-cleaner-than-gasoline-powered-cars-over-their-lifespan/

The lifetime emissions of an electric car versus a gasoline vehicle have become a hotly debated topic for governments. A new study which compares the climate impact of passenger cars could play a central role in the argument. The report claims that electric cars produce significantly less “cradle-to-grave” greenhouse gas emissions than their gas-guzzling counterparts. According to the study, the primary result is the same globally, even when applied to countries like China and India, where the majority of the electricity to charge an EV comes from coal.

The results are a rebuke to voices from the automotive and oil lobbying sectors who still claim that electric cars are no cleaner than gasoline vehicles. Sometimes governments try to cement their environmental policies in line with the Paris Agreement. Finalized in 2015, the climate change deal saw 143 countries, including the United States, agree to limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius. To help achieve that goal, Washington state and California have proposed banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars from 2030 and 2035, respectively.

The study conducted by the International Council for Clean Transportation (ICCT) looked at the entire life cycle of electric vehicles and gasoline-powered cars, from raw material extraction through production to final disposal. Researchers looked at greenhouse gas emissions from types of vehicles and fuels in four territories that together account for 70% of new car sales globally: the US, EU, China, and China. India.

For cars registered in 2021, the report found that the lifetime emissions of a mid-size electric vehicle in Europe are between 66 and 69% lower than that of a gasoline vehicle of the same class. In the United States, an electric vehicle produces between 60 and 68% less emissions. In China, an electric vehicle generates between 37 and 45% less emissions. In India, it is between 19 and 34 percent lower.

By 2030, the gap between electric vehicles and heavy gasoline consumers is expected to decrease from 74% to 77% in Europe, from 62% to 76% in the United States, from 48% to 64% in China and from 30% to 56% in India.

Notably, the researchers assume that a vehicle will be on the road for about 18 years. They also specify that the difference between the figures reflects the uncertainty about the evolution of the energy mix of each region, itself linked to future policies.

“One of the important results of the analysis is to show that the emission trends over the life cycle are similar in the four regions, despite the differences between them in the composition of vehicles, the composition of the network, etc. Already for cars registered today, [battery electric vehicles] have a better parent [greenhouse gas] emissions performance everywhere compared to conventional vehicles, ”said Rachel Muncrief, Deputy Director of ICCT.

There are still caveats, however. Although electric vehicles reduce carbon emissions over time, they inevitably have a negative impact on the environment. By a recent estimate, you’ll have to drive a new electric vehicle for thirteen and a half miles before doing less harm than a gas guzzling sedan.

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Validea Kenneth Fisher Daily Strategy Update Report – 07/21/2021 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/validea-kenneth-fisher-daily-strategy-update-report-07-21-2021/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/validea-kenneth-fisher-daily-strategy-update-report-07-21-2021/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:33:23 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/validea-kenneth-fisher-daily-strategy-update-report-07-21-2021/

THere are today’s updates for Validea’s Investor Price / Sales model based on Kenneth Fisher’s published strategy. This value strategy rewards stocks with low P / S ratios, long-term earnings growth, high free cash flow, and consistent profit margins.

MUELLER INDUSTRIES, INC. (MLI) is a mid-cap value stock in the Misc. Manufactured products industry. The rating according to our strategy based on Kenneth Fisher has increased from 60% to 80% depending on the underlying fundamentals of the company and the valuation of the stock. A score of 80% or more usually indicates that the strategy has some interest in the stock and a score above 90% generally indicates a strong interest.

Company Description: Mueller Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of copper, brass, aluminum and plastic products. The Company operates through three segments: Piping Systems, Industrial Metals and Climate. The Company’s products include copper tubing and fittings; sets of lines; brass and copper alloy rods, bars and shapes; aluminum and brass forgings; impact aluminum extrusions; plastic fittings and valves; refrigeration valves and fittings; tubular products manufactured and steel nipples. The Company also resells imported brass and plastic plumbing valves, malleable iron fittings, faucets and specialty plumbing products. The Company’s activities are located in the United States and Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, South Korea and China. The Company markets its products in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, refrigeration, hardware and other industries.

The following table summarizes whether the title meets each of the tests for this strategy. Not all of the criteria in the table below are given the same weight or are independent, but the table gives a brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the title in the context of the strategy criteria.


Detailed analysis of MUELLER INDUSTRIES, INC.

Complete Guru Analysis for MLI

Full Factor Report for MLI

SONY GROUP CORP (ADR) (SONY) is a large cap value equity in the audio and video equipment industry. The rating according to our strategy based on Kenneth Fisher has increased from 68% to 90% depending on the underlying fundamentals of the company and the valuation of the stock. A score of 80% or more usually indicates that the strategy has some interest in the stock and a score above 90% generally indicates a strong interest.

Company Description: Sony Corporation is engaged in the development, design, production, manufacture and sale of various electronic equipment, instruments and devices for consumer, professional and industrial markets such as network services, hardware and game software, televisions, audio and video recorders and players, cameras and video, cell phones and semiconductors. The Company is engaged in the development, production, manufacture and distribution of recorded music and the management and licensing of song lyrics and music as well as the production and distribution of animated titles, including game applications based on animated titles. It also operates in the field of motion pictures and television programming, television and digital network activities, as well as various financial services activities. It includes mobile communications, gaming and network services, music, movies, home entertainment and sound, imaging products and solutions, semiconductors, financial services and all other segments.

The following table summarizes whether the title meets each of the tests for this strategy. Not all of the criteria in the table below are given the same weight or are independent, but the table gives a brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the title in the context of the strategy criteria.


Detailed analysis of SONY GROUP CORP (ADR)

Full Guru Analysis for SONY

Full Factor Report for SONY

More details on Validea’s Kenneth Fisher strategy

About Kenneth Fisher: Son of Philip Fisher, who is considered the “Father of Growth Investing,” Kenneth Fisher is a longtime fund manager, bestselling author and columnist for Forbes. Young Fisher wowed Wall Street in the mid-1980s when his book Super Stocks first popularized the idea of ​​using the price-to-sell ratio (PSR) as a way to identify attractive stocks. According to his alma mater, Humboldt State University, Fisher was also one of the world’s foremost experts in 19th-century logging. Fittingly, Fisher’s company, Fisher Investments, is located in a lush forest reserve in Woodside, Calif., Where Fisher, in his mind against the grain, says he and his employees can get away from thinking. of Wall Street group.

About Validea: Validea is an investment research service that tracks strategies published by investment legends. Validea offers both equity analysis and model portfolios based on gurus who have outperformed the market over the long term, including Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch and Martin Zweig. For more information on Validea, click here

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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BOJ price outlook clouded by rising commodities and weak spending https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/boj-price-outlook-clouded-by-rising-commodities-and-weak-spending/ https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/boj-price-outlook-clouded-by-rising-commodities-and-weak-spending/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 01:34:00 +0000 https://flexiblecouplings.co.in/boj-price-outlook-clouded-by-rising-commodities-and-weak-spending/ A man wearing a protective mask walks past the Bank of Japan headquarters amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Tokyo, Japan, May 22, 2020.REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon

  • Rising input costs could weigh on economy – BOJ minutes
  • Wholesale inflation is accelerating and could spill over into consumer prices
  • Some members warned of slow wage growth and a deflationary mindset
  • Member called for more ideas to help Japanese economy
  • The BOJ kept its policy stable in June and unveiled a climate program

TOKYO, July 21 (Reuters) – Policymakers at the Bank of Japan saw the price outlook clouded by rising global commodity prices and weak consumption, according to the minutes of their June meeting, highlighting the central bank policy conundrum caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Japan has not been immune to global commodity inflation, as companies see input costs rising, although consumer prices have barely increased unlike those of other advanced countries which are reopening. their savings.

“Many members have said that domestic wholesale inflation is rising reflecting global increases in commodity prices, which could push up consumer prices on the road,” the review minutes showed on Wednesday. BOJ rate in June.

A member said consumer inflation in Japan could accelerate in the second half of this year as demand recovers from the initial hit of the pandemic, according to the minutes.

But others have warned that slow wage growth and Japan’s stubborn deflationary mentality could moderate such inflationary pressures, according to the minutes.

“Once we start to see pent-up demand emerge, prices for services could exceed. But there is also a risk that prices will be lower given the high uncertainty over the wage outlook,” said a member.

Some members of the nine-member board of directors also warned that the rise in prices of various products, although largely due to robust global demand, could drive up costs for businesses and dampen the Japanese economy, according to the minutes.

“The prices of various products are rising. If this persists and companies do not pass on the higher costs, it could worsen Japan’s terms of trade and weigh on the economic outlook and prices,” a few quoted members said. .

At the June meeting, the BOJ kept its monetary policy stable and unveiled a plan to create a new program to increase funding for activities aimed at tackling climate change. Read more

A member said the central bank needs to consider various ideas on how it could help the Japanese economy make a smooth transition to a post-pandemic world, according to the minutes.

Wholesale prices in Japan rose 5.0% in June from a year earlier after jumping 5.1% in May, their fastest pace since 2008, fueled by rising raw material costs . Read more

But basic consumer prices, the BOJ’s preferred measure of inflation, rose only 0.2% last month as weak domestic demand prevented companies from passing on the higher costs. Read more

In new quarterly projections released in July, the BOJ raised its forecast for core consumer inflation to 0.6% from 0.1% for the fiscal year to March 2022. But it predicted that the inflation would remain below its target of 2% in the coming years. Read more

Reporting by Leika Kihara; Editing by Chang-Ran Kim Editing by Shri Navaratnam

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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