Flood Information Update: October 14, 2022

Maps – Public Information Session

Following the live-streamed public information session held on the evening of Friday, October 14, 2022, a large number of public comments related to where to view maps showing where flood waters are likely to occur. reach.

The GBCMA Food Intelligence Portal is an interactive map where you can find 100-year flood information pertaining to your specific property. Click on Greater Shepparton to access our municipality’s interactive map. You can then select your locality and your property.

Please note that this website may experience high traffic and you may have difficulty accessing it. If so, please visit our Flood: Response page to see the screenshots we have taken of various locations in Greater Shepparton.

Major flooding is expected imminently in Murchison and Shepparton later tonight. Please obey VICSES instructions and be prepared to leave if prompted.

The emergency relief center has now opened for those affected McIntosh Centre, Shepparton Show Grounds and Ballantyne Centre, Tatura Park.

  • Turn off gas and electricity, go to a safe place away from flooding, with family or friends.
  • Check road closures (see below) and follow the instructions of the emergency services.
  • Have an emergency kit – Make sure you have essentials close at hand and the kit is in an easy-to-grab place. See below for what to include.
  • Pre-filled sandbags are available at Kialla Recreation Reserve (closed for today) and Mooroopna Recreation Reserve (closes at 7 p.m.). Be prepared to wait. See below for details.
  • If you have petssee below how to leave with your pets.
  • Check in on elderly family and neighborsmake sure they know what’s going on and help them if you can.

Latest road closures GBCMA Flood Information Portal VICSES: Local Flood Guides VICSES: VicEmergency App VICSES: information in other languages

1. Stay informed, be prepared

2. How to get sandbags*

  • If you are under immediate threat of flooding, call 132 500 for help.
  • If you are in mortal danger, dial 000 – Triple zero.

You can pick up pre-filled sandbags from:

  • Kialla Park Recreation Reserve – Closed for today. Please check back tomorrow for updated times. Traffic to Raftery Rd from the GV motorway is closed. Please follow the detour signs, enter via Cormorant Blvd (Seven Creek Estate) and follow Seven Creeks Drive north to enter the Kialla Park Recreation Preserve.
  • Mooroopna Recreation Reserve – Midland Hwy, Mooroopna – Closing at 7 p.m.

The demand for sandbags is currently high. Please be prepared to wait.

* Correct at time of publication but subject to change

How to Use Sandbags – VICSES Guide

3. Be prepared for flooding

  • Pack it: Prepare and place your sandbags to prevent water from entering your property
  • Blocked the: Block drains, toilets and doors
  • Lift it: Raise your valuables high
  • Leave: Get on your way to a safe destination as soon as possible

Pack it up, lock it up, lift it up and go

4. Evacuate with pets

If you have pets and need to leave your home, make sure you have an emergency kit for them. This should include veterinary drugs, bedding, food, water and bowls. Make sure animals wear a collar and can be identified. If you go to a rescue center, place the animals in crates or on a leash because they will be anxious and stressed, and you will need to make them feel safe and comfortable. Be prepared to put your dogs in your car – bring a crate or crate.

If possible, leave your pets with friends or family who are in areas safe from flooding – it will be less stressful for them.

5. What to take if you need to evacuate

Have an emergency kit – make sure you have essential items close at hand and the kit is in an easy-to-grab place. It should include:

  • Radio (battery operated)
  • Torches
  • A supply of batteries (several sizes)
  • Appliance chargers (solar and standard)
  • Mobile phone
  • Food – basic foods that do not require heating or cooling
  • Bottled water
  • Warm, waterproof clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Alternative medications, prescriptions
  • A first aid kit
  • Pet Essentials
  • Cash and a printed copy of your emergency plan (RediPlan)
  • Sleeping Bags and Pillows
  • Inflate mattresses
  • Things to occupy the children

Road closures

Please see our new Road Closures post for current road closures in Greater Shepparton.

Also check out the VicRoads closure map for additional road closures around the state if you need to travel.

Remember, stay safe

  • Never drive, drive or walk through flood waters
  • Never let children play in or near flood waters
  • In the event of an evacuation, do not return until it is safe to do so
  • Follow the advice of the authorities (including any request for evacuation)
  • Leave early before the flood hits and get to family or friends on higher ground if you can
  • Reach out to family, neighbors and people at risk to make sure they are aware of the situation and know what to do

Be careful


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