Gang Cleaning Malls Of Bikes Busted, 46 Vehicles Recovered | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: A Bandlaguda vendor with his childhood friends started lifting parked bicycles in the busy shopping areas of Hyderabad and soon the gangincluding two minors, has stolen several two-wheelers in the last 10 months.
Finally, detectives from Cyberabad Special Operations Team (SOT) caught up with them and arrested the bike thieves in Rajendranagar on Saturday. 46 stolen bikes were recovered from the quartet.
Cyberabad Police Commissioner Stephen Ravendra said Muhammad Ashwaq (20) started stealing the bikes. After sniffing out some easy money selling the stolen bikes, Ashwaq had decided to include his childhood friends in his gang and started lifting more bikes.
“The accused was looking for parked vehicles in busy shopping malls and market areas where motorists may have left the keys on the bikes. Making good use of the opportunity, they would quickly flee on the bikes. Later they would resell the bikes to gullible buyers hiding the fact that they were stolen. Their selling price was between Rs 15,000 and Rs 30,000”, Raveendra said.
The majority of stolen bikes were registered in 2021 and 2022. Police said some of them were temporarily registered. In addition to Ashwaq, Mohammed Akbar (19) and two minors were arrested. Two accomplices were on the run. “Once we catch Saddam and Rizwan, details of their modus operandi will come out,” a police official said.

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