Ghanaian company to deliver medical supplies by drones in October – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


Zipline will begin delivering medical supplies by drones to remote or hard-to-reach areas of Kaduna state in October 2021, company officials said.

Officials said the Pambegua delivery site, the first of three facilities from which the service will operate, will be ready by then, adding that staff training has started.
Zipline’s operations manager in Ghana, Samuel Akuffo, said staff training will speed up the actualization of the project.

The project aims to deliver supplies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from three distribution centers – each equipped with 30 drones – and deliver to more than 1,000 healthcare facilities serving millions of people in Kaduna State.
“Bottlenecks such as poor roads, expiration of products due to overstocking, unavailability of medical products in health facilities in an emergency and products that do not reach remote areas will all be minimized when the Zipline installations start operating, ”he said.

The Kaduna state government and Zipline signed a memorandum of understanding in February 2021 “to revolutionize the delivery of medical consumables to healthcare facilities and the response of medical personnel to emergencies, before the end of the year.”

“The Kaduna state government had promised to overhaul medical supplies, working with Zipline which operates the world’s largest medical drone delivery facility in Ghana.

“The government has promised that the use of technology is part of the Kaduna State government’s bold vision to use drone delivery to establish universal access, seven days a week, to life-saving and essential medicines. for most of its citizens over the next few years. . ”
Mr Akuffo said Zipline would also create jobs in Kaduna State, in addition to providing the immediate benefit of reducing the number of deaths and expanding access to routine and emergency supplies of medical consumables.

“Many people in the community will be employed in accordance with Zipline policy. The company will only look outside where there is no labor available within the community. Right now there are a lot of people from Kaduna State who are at the Academy. They will form the core of our operations when our sites are ready, especially that of Pambegua, ” he added.


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