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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WJHL) – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee on Monday signed an executive order granting special permissions to those offering aid in areas affected by storms on Friday and Saturday.

According to a statement from Governor Lee’s office, Executive Order 94 officially declares a state of emergency and will affect several areas of law within the state:

  • Allows individuals to help clean up storm damage;
  • Suspend restrictions on vehicles carrying emergency supplies in areas affected by extreme weather conditions;
  • Expedite the approval of special transport permits for those providing services related to extreme weather conditions;
  • Grants commercial utility vehicle operators providing emergency assistance a temporary exception to federal rules and regulations;
  • Waives state residency requirements for individuals to participate in child welfare and nutrition programs;
  • Calls on insurance companies to assist policyholders with weather-related losses and allows licensed insurance professionals in other states to provide services related to extreme weather conditions;
  • Authorizes licensed health care professionals in other states to provide health services in Tennessee during severe weather;
  • Allows pharmacists to issue an additional 30-day supply of maintenance prescriptions as needed in response to extreme weather conditions;
  • Allows the issuance of temporary contractor licenses to assist victims of severe weather;
  • Provide flexibilities for vacation accommodation services to provide accommodation to victims of severe weather;
  • Waives state and county clerk fees for issuing lost or damaged motor vehicle titles;
  • Offers flexibilities to security guards and non-resident security guards to secure affected areas; and
  • Encourages state agencies to assist those affected by mail disruption and travel.

“The impact of severe weather in Tennessee and our neighboring states has been devastating,” Governor Lee said. “We remain committed to providing the necessary resources to help the people of Tennessee recover from this tragic loss.”

The statement said the ordinance is designed to provide “operational flexibilities” for affected counties within the state.

Lee also called for emergency federal assistance for nine heavily affected counties on Monday.

To read the full order, click here.


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