High Point neighbors use stickers to urge people to clean the streets

HIGH POINT, NC (WGHP) – Normally, throwing things in someone else’s trash is not a very friendly thing to do, but one neighborhood in High Point wants people to share their trash cans to reduce waste.

“I’m not necessarily a tree enthusiast, but we only have one planet,” said Morgan Harris, a resident of High Point.

Harris remembers the days when everyone was throwing garbage. He knows that this is still a problem for some areas of High Point and was interested when someone offered him a simple solution.

“If anyone wants to throw their trash in my trash, I agree. Rather do that than throw it on the streets, ”said Harris.

High Point Council Member Victor Jones started the Collaborative Community Cleanup. On his walks with his dog, he would pick up garbage bags but had to hang onto them all the time until he returned to his own trash can.

“This is to give people permission to use their neighbors if they pass by and see trash on the ground,” Jones said.

This is where stickers come in.

Anyone can pick up a sticker to put in their own trash can, telling people that you can throw away any trash you see in that trash can. Jones hopes to take the initiative to the rest of city council on Monday and perhaps take it citywide.

“I’ve got some older people that I know that responded and said, ‘Hey, I can’t really do a lot of walking’, and I said ‘Just throw a sticker in there’ “Jones said.

Involving citizens relieves the already short-staffed municipal teams.

“If we could do it every Wednesday, the whole neighborhood would be clean in just a few hours,” Jones said.

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