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Mr. Editor,

Atlantic hurricane season is fast approaching and we must be prepared to weather the storm. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has just released its seasonal forecast for Atlantic hurricanes and predicts 2021 to be an above-average season again.

This year’s announcement comes after a deadly and record-breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season that caused a catastrophic storm surge and caused extensive damage. Roofs were torn down, streets flooded and hundreds of thousands of residents were deprived of electricity. Additionally, many families have been separated from their beloved pets.

Hurricanes are among the deadliest storms, and it’s imperative that you plan accordingly to protect your entire family, including pets. To ensure the safety of all of your loved ones, I urge you to follow these American Humane steps to ensure you are prepared before the storm:

Microchip pets and / or put a tag on their collar with your name, current address and cell phone number.

Tie or anchor outside objects that could fly and injure someone.

Bring all pets inside and make sure you have emergency supplies – extra pet food, water, and a carrier large enough for your pet to roll over and lie down comfortably.

Go over your escape plan and have a pet disaster preparedness kit on hand that includes a transport cage, first aid supplies, leashes, bowls, hygiene supplies, toys chewing and food, medicine and water (at least three days, but ideally seven to ten days’ worth).

If your family has to evacuate, take your pets with you and leave as soon as possible. Remember to take your pet disaster preparedness kit.


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