I cleaned gutters, drew water for N20, N80 in Nigeria – Victor Osimhen

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has revealed how he struggled to make ends meet before turning into a professional footballer.

Osimhen said he did menial jobs like cleaning gutters for N20, fetching water for N20, N80 and selling bagged water in traffic while growing up in Nigeria.

The 22-year-old, who is arguably one of the best young forwards in Europe, also said he finds pleasure in doing menial jobs while growing up, adding that it has shaped him to become the man he is today.

“Most people are familiar when I say this because they have experienced even worse [situations] than mine and where I grew up nothing is promised there because whatever you want to achieve you have to work so hard for it, ”Osimhen said, as quoted by Head Topics.

“I remember when I was young, I cleaned the gutters for 20 naira, for my landlord and did some cleaning work for my neighbors near my house, fetching water for 80 naira, I think.

“I found pleasure in doing these things because I believed that when I worked so hard to get this money, it was important to me. I knew how to spend this money and help my family.

“When I grew up, my brother sold newspapers, my sister sold oranges. I was in traffic with water and I had to chase cars, give them water to get money. I feel like these struggles have helped me in my life.

“I’m grateful for where I am today because of what I would have been through, it shaped me to become the man I am. I am truly grateful to God for this.

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