I’m a cleaning expert – the five daily tasks that mean my house is NEVER messy

NEVER waste another day deep cleaning your home.

Instead, a cleaning expert posted a video sharing the five daily tasks she does to stay on top of her home and make sure it’s never a mess.


The cleaning expert does her best every morning1 credit
She stays on top of laundry by doing laundry every morning


She stays on top of laundry by doing laundry every morning1 credit


First, the influencer, who just goes by The Spin Cycle, said to always make your bed once you wake up.

“I have a much more productive day when I do it first thing in the morning,” she said.


Then she suggested throwing an armful of laundry in the wash.

Even if your laundry basket isn’t overflowing with dirty clothes, doing a little each day will help you stay on top and avoid a messy buildup.

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She suggested folding it up once it’s done so you don’t have to put it back on any longer.


“Then I will vacuum my high traffic areas, she said.

Every day, she will make sure to vacuum her main living areas such as the kitchen, living room or dining room.

This will help pick up the crumbs a bit before they become a crushing mess.


Next, the cleaning expert suggested washing your dishes right after eating so you don’t get stuck with an overflowing sink.

She also said she would quickly clean the sink and load and run the dishwasher as well.


While the dishwasher is running, she spends time wiping down her kitchen counters.

The expert said kitchen counters are one of the surfaces that “get dirty really fast,” so she prefers to stay on top of the job.

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Once she completes these five tasks, her house is sparkling and ready to go until tomorrow.

“Rinse and repeat,” she said.


“I will vacuum my high traffic areas”Credit: Getty
kitchen counters


Kitchen counters “get dirty very quickly”1 credit

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