I’m a cleaning whiz and here’s the best way to banish dirt from your oven without scrubbing.

THERE are thousands of things most of us would rather do than clean our ovens.

Unfortunately, this is just one of those things you have to do.


Cleaning the oven doesn’t have to be such a choreCredit: Getty

There is a way to banish grime without all the extra effort and elbow grease.

Fans of cleaning queen Ms Hinch have shared the genius tip after a confused cleaner couldn’t bear to scrub any longer.

He pleaded, “Does anyone know the easiest way to clean the inside glass of an oven door?”

The glass door is one of the hardest parts of the oven to clean because it can hold all the dried-on food and grease that is so difficult to remove.

Other avid cleaners have recommended Ms. Hinch’s favorite Pink Stuff, which is perfect for the job.

Don’t let the bubble gum pink color fool you, the miracle cleanser can cut through just about anything.

The cleaning paste is an abrasive and a soap, so it helps lift stuck-on dirt with no problem.

One cleaner said: “Easiest thing to do is apply the Pink Stuff paste all over the glass and let it sit overnight.

“It cleans the glass properly without the need to scrub.”

Another agreed: “Use the Pink Stuff paste, apply it to the glass and leave it on overnight.

“Then wipe off the paste the next day with a damp cloth and the stains will come off very easily.”

Even newbie cleaners swear by the product: “Pink Stuff paste, I used it for the first time the other day, I was really really impressed with the results!”

Since the paste is abrasive, it’s always best to test it on a small area when using it on something new, as you want to avoid scratches.

The Pink Stuff, which I used for the first time the other day, was really, really impressed with the results!”

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The cleaner is a favorite for bathrooms and kitchens, with cleaning professionals swearing by it.

It can also be boxed for the bargain price of £1 at Asda, so there’s no downside.

Your oven will shine with the easy trick


Your oven will shine with the easy trickCredit: Getty

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