I’m an expert in cleaning… you have to wash your clothes EVERY DAY, people think it’s wasteful but it’s unpleasant if you don’t

WHEN it comes to washing your clothes, underwear, towels and sheets, there are no written rules.

But some fans and cleaning experts believe there are set days to wash specific items.


This video sparked a debate among cleaning fansCredit: Facebook
Some claimed the video was "nasty"


Some claimed the video was “mean”Credit: Facebook

And after a video advising people how often they should wash everything, it sparked an online debate, with many opposing opinions.

The clip, posted by the laundry detergent brand To see hertold viewers they should throw bras in the washing machine after three or four uses, bedding every two weeks, and towels once or twice a week.

However, hundreds of people took to the comment sections to criticize the “nasty” advice.

Washbasins rrecommends washing socks after each use, bras after three or four, shirts after two to four, and pajamas after three to five.

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The video also recommended washing bedding fortnightly and towels once or twice a week, but said denim can be put in the laundry after being worn ten times.

Since the video was shared, more than 8.9 million social media users have debated what is right or wrong.

One woman said, “Nastyyyyyy (SIC). Bedding should be changed and washed twice a week.

“Towels should be changed and washed twice a week. All clothes should be changed and washed after each use.

“If you do it differently, you’re mean idc (I don’t care).”

Another woman added: “Shirts worn every 2-4? Sure, if I want to smell like an armpit.

A third person said, “Wash my clothes after each use. Bed every five days. Doesn’t look very clean to me.

Someone else wrote, “Your clothes are picking up dirt, hair, etc. from one day. Couldn’t, shouldn’t wear them any longer.

“It’s disgusting. I washed my clothes after one use, I’ve never been able to sleep in sheets that haven’t been changed and washed after a week.

The video had a backlash over the advice given


The video had a backlash over the advice givenCredit: Facebook
However, some people thought it was great considering inflation


However, some people thought it was great considering inflationCredit: Facebook

However, not everyone was put off by the saying clip.

Some were in favor of it, especially with the rising cost of living,

They said it was more economical to wash clothes less often and that a person’s lifestyle would affect how often they had to do laundry.

One wrote: “This stuff is complete shit. No sane person washes these things so much, a total waste of time, water and electricity,

Another added: “How do you have time to hand wash your bras after each use?

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“In addition, work every day, wash your sheets once a week, your towels after each use, your clothes after each use, cook and clean your house and run errands, take care of your garden, clean your car, pay your bills, etc?!?!?”

A third said: ‘I mean I wash things when they need to be washed. So useless to wash everything after a single use or scheduled washes, but to each his own.

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