JIMMY unveils the revolutionary BX5 dust mite vacuum cleaner

  • Thoroughly cleans dust mites lurking inside mattresses with the BX5’s strong patting and suction power
  • Kills 99.9% of mites and bacteria with BX5’s UV light that also protects against exposure
  • BX5 prevents the regrowth of mites thanks to ultrasound, meaning clean and hygienic beds and sofas can be enjoyed longer

Jakarta, Indonesia, July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JIMMY, a brand of KingClean Electric Co., Ltd., today introduced the all-new BX5 Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner, a new way to effectively remove dust mites from beds, sofas, rugs and more. Equipped with its patented composite brush roll, powerful 600W motor, UV light and ultrasonic, the BX5 takes the vacuuming experience to the next level providing sanitized and healthier living spaces. .

Banner JIMMY BX5 Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner KV

Developed from JIMMY’s expertise in environmental cleaning technology, BX5 combines high frequency tapping, strong suction power, UV light, ultrasound, Allergy UK certification and other advanced features. The result is a highly competitive vacuum cleaner and solution for easy, effective and efficient dust mite removal.

JIMMY BX5 Anti-mite Vacuum banner-sofa
JIMMY BX5 Anti-mite Vacuum banner-sofa

A vacuum cleaner focused on eliminating dust mites

BX5 is designed specifically to solve the problem of mites which are a microscopic arachnid that feeds on ever-shedding human skin cells. People can have allergic reactions by inhaling the dust proteins produced by dust mites. There may be 10 trillion stubborn mites lurking in just one bed, causing people countless sufferings.

Patented composite brushroll for fast and powerful tapping

JIMMY’s specially designed, patented composite brushroll features rubber bands and nylon hair bands, and slaps up to 15,000 times per minute, revealing dust mites deep inside the mattress, which can then be vacuumed out .

Powerful 600W motor delivers up to 16kPa of suction power

Dust mites can be vacuumed easily and efficiently from beds with up to 16kPa of suction power made possible by the next-generation 600W high-precision motor inside the BX5, allowing for more thorough cleaning. In addition, the motor makes minimal noise, saves energy and operates efficiently. The BX5’s suction inlet is 245mm wide, cleaning a king-size bed in minutes.

JIMMY BX5 dust mite vacuum cleaner - baby and pet
JIMMY BX5 dust mite vacuum cleaner – baby and pet

UV light kills 99.9% of bacteria

When BX5 is used to clean the beds, the UV LED light emits ultraviolet rays of 237nm wavelength, effectively eliminating 99.9% of dust mites and bacteria. BX5 reduces concerns about UV exposure as it is equipped with an infrared detector, which automatically switches off the UV light when the machine is lifted more than 5cm above the surface or at an angle greater than 30 degrees .

Level of efficiency and reassurance certified by Allergy UK

Normally it is difficult to know how well dust mites have been cleaned as they are too small to see, but BX5’s dust mite and allergy removal effectiveness has been tested by the Allergy Foundation UK and certified to its 99.9% dust mite removal rate, which reassures a virtually dust mite-free bed or sofa.

Ultrasound prevents regrowth of dust mites

BX5 not only cleans and sucks dust mites from beds, but also prevents their reproduction with ultrasound, which passes through the mattress and destroys dust mite nerves. And it’s safe even for babies. Mattresses and sofas will stay clean and hygienic longer and will not require frequent cleaning.

Two modes for different needs

While the BX5’s strong mode effectively cleans bedding, mattresses and sofas, there is also a gentle mode suitable for cleaning fine cotton fabrics such as silk if needed. An indicator light indicates the mode in use and the modes can be switched effortlessly when cleaning beds, sofas, pillows and furry toys.

Additional features that make BX5 even easier to use

Although BX5 is designed for capacity and effect, it does not compromise on usability. The 0.5L dust bin means more capacity and less emptying. Both the dust bin and the filter of the BX5 are removable and can be easily washed with water. And the filter mesh of the BX5 is made of 304 grade stainless steel, which makes it more durable and longer lasting.

Price and availability

The BX5 dust mite vacuum cleaner will be available on Tokopedia of July 15, 2022 and is priced at Rp1.299.000.


JIMMY, a brand of KingClean Electric Co., Ltd, is dedicated to creating high-quality and healthy life for users all over the world. KingClean has been one of the largest vacuum cleaner development and manufacturing companies in the world since 2004. With over 800 R&D engineers developing approximately 100 new products per year, KingClean currently holds over 1600 patents and files over 200 new requests each year. JIMMY products are now sold in over 30 countries, spanning online and offline channels, helping hundreds of millions of families around the world live the life they dream of.

For more information, please visit https://www.tokopedia.com/jimmy-official-indonesia/product .

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