Lenawee County: Domestic Violence Awareness

October 15, 2021


WHILE, Domestic Violence Awareness Month provides an excellent opportunity for citizens to learn more about the prevention of domestic violence and to show their support for the many organizations and individuals who provide essential advocacy, services and assistance. to victims at the national level.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCEE does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex or economic status; EVERYONE can be a victim. In our home state, the Michigan State Police Criminal Incidents Report indicated that there were 64,778 victims of domestic violence in 2020, which is an increase of over 20,000 from only two years ago. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine how many more victims are suffering in silence and not involving law enforcement.

Catherine Cobb Safe House has provided emergency shelter for victims fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking for 36 years. In 2020, emergency shelter was provided to 165 women and children seeking refuge. Support services including advocacy, information on community resources and trauma-focused care were provided to 50 other community survivors who did not need shelter and responded to 750 crisis calls . Domestic violence not only affects an individual’s health and safety, but medical expenses, police and court costs, shelters, foster care, absenteeism from work and non-productivity all affect everything. our community. Only a coordinated effort will put an end to this atrocious crime in our homes.

While we are fortunate to have essential resources working together for such a worthy cause in Lenawee County, our collective mission must be to eliminate the need for such services.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, in recognition of the important work of domestic violence programs, the Council of Commissioners hereby proclaims that the month of October will be


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all citizens be challenged to recognize the signs of violence, to familiarize themselves with the support system available to families experiencing violence and to seek solutions to end violence in family homes. Visit the website of the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence or the National Network to End Domestic Violence for more information; check out volunteer opportunities; call the Catherine Cobb Refuge at 517-265-5352; and for HELP call

Local Shelter Hotline: 517-265-6776

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE or 1-800-787-3224 (TTD)

Center Dispatch: 9-1-1

CARRIED BY CALL BY CALL RLE of the Lenawee County Council of Commissioners at a regular meeting held Wednesday October 13, 2021 in Adrian, Michigan.

David Stimpson, President

Rebecca Borton, Deputy Clerk

This press release was produced by Lenawee County. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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