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This is in response to Dave Ball’s May 15 op-ed, “Truth: Clorox to Democrats.” Unlike Donald Trump, who suggested that Clorox could be used as an internal virus medicine, Democrats know it can be a powerful and useful cleanser. The referenced comment might need some serious cleanup.

It is true that the right wing media have worked to discredit the document known as the Steele dossier and much of the information it contains has not been verified. However, some of them turned out to be true, and Christopher Steele, a former British MI6 intelligence officer, stands by that. This was not, as claimed by Trump supporters, the reason for US intelligence investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. It is a fact that US intelligence has concluded that Russia had intervened and that this interference was intended to help elect Trump. Russian attempts to affect elections around the world are not a hoax.

It is also a fact that Donald Trump Jr. and other high profile members of Trump’s 2016 campaign met with Russian “lobbyists” in Trump Tower in June 2016. It is true that the son of another president, Hunter Biden, has had problems and seems to have taken advantage of his father’s position to get jobs. However, Hunter’s notebook, while often used to suggest serious sin, is a dubious source of shady origin that involves far more smoke than fire. Hunter was never shown to have improper influence over his father’s actions.

It is wrong to pretend that political opinions other than your own are lies. It is false to claim that the left controls the news media while Fox Network commentators, in news-like formats, promote right-wing conspiracies. It is wrong to suggest that social media is controlled by the left when Facebook has been a major disseminator of right-wing misinformation. Many people from all political parties recognize that for all of us to benefit from free speech, we need to do something about false speech.

It’s tragic that on a weekend when many people died in mass shootings likely caused by extreme media lies about the replacement theory, Ball’s comments would choose to deny the need for scrutiny. about spreading lies.

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