Local teenager’s vegetable and syrup stand cleaned out by thieves

AUBURN, Mich. (WNEM) – A 16-year-old’s vegetable stand he set up to earn extra cash has been cleared by thieves on several occasions in recent weeks.

The Auburn teenager lost his vegetables and homemade maple syrup.

“My dad had a garden and we have a huge garden in the backyard and decided not to have it just for ourselves and sell stuff,” Jacob Geno said. “Peppers, peaches, melons, tomatoes.”

He exercises, while learning hard work and responsibility.

The fruits of his labor are stored in a self-service vegetable stand outside the family home.

“A lot of people steal without paying,” Jacob said.

” It’s discouraging. We put up signs that say it’s a child doing this, said Mark, Jacob’s father.

A handful of times in two weeks produce and syrup were stolen, a loss of about $50-$70.

“It makes all my hard work go for nothing,” Jacob said.

And Jacob’s parents hate to see him become so jaded.

“He has a good heart, but it’s discouraging for him and he loses faith in people when it happens to him,” Mark said.

They have now set up surveillance to keep an extra eye. They hope people will stop stealing and come clean if they need help.

“He actually had a sign saying if you’re hungry, come to the door,” Mark said.

“I would supply them with stuff if they needed it,” Jacob said.

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