London Plumbing Company discusses overloading city sewer lines


London, ONT – City officials are reminding residents of London that toilets are not garbage cans. This recall comes from the city’s stunning billboards after sewer lines in London are continually inundated with disinfectant wipes, gloves and sometimes masks.

The overflowed sewage system cannot handle a build-up of non-flushable material. The persistent problem began to cost the city’s amenities dearly and quickly turned into a dangerous situation. During the early stages of the pandemic, sewer operations teams encountered a problem mixing disinfectant wipes with grease, which resulted in sewage back-ups.

Our staff have to deal with this 24/7, 365 days a year,Said Barry Orr, City of London Sewer Awareness and Control Inspector. “When a pump becomes clogged, the worker must clean it. Especially during a pandemic, we don’t want to subject them to this. There are a lot of sharp objects (needles) in the sewage now. It all gets mixed up in there and it’s very dangerous. “

The blockage audit has been performed by Orr for years. The pre-pandemic, the biggest problem for the city’s system over the past decade, has been the rinsing of the wipes. Orr represents Canada, in an attempt to establish a universal standard for disposable wipes.

London is convinced that whatever the cause, there are two surefire solutions: to use the toilet as it is designed. Second, put all the extra raw stuff in a plastic bag, then put the bag straight into the trash.

As a local plumbing company, Triton has seen firsthand the problems these materials can cause in plumbing systems. The London Plumber encourages residents to follow the guidelines provided by the city to avoid lasting damage. Triton Plumbing and Service offers high quality plumbing services to the London Residence. The company’s professionalism and attention to detail make cleanliness a priority every time. Call Triton Plumbing and Service today at (226) 270-3550 or visit them online at


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