Madhuri Dixit’s mother used to scold her for not cleaning her room even after she became a movie star

Madhuri Dixit recently made its streaming debut with Netflix’s The Fame Game, which debuted on February 25. Also starring Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Lakshvir Saran, Suhasini Muley, the series stars Madhuri as a successful actor called Anamika Anand who disappears.

While critical opinion on the series was mixed, Madhuri’s performance was acclaimed. Decidedly, the magic that it gave off in the 80s and 90s is still alive.

In a recent interview, Madhuri revealed that although she is a big star, like her character Anamika, the popularity and fame she has received has not affected her life negatively.

Asked if her fame has affected her life, she told ETimes: ‘I will say overall my life has been pretty good. I never really had to pay a big price for fame because that’s how I treated fame. For me, fame is just a byproduct of what I do. Every day, in the morning, I am delighted to face the camera. I play this character today. And that’s what excites me. Everything that happens is for me in peripheral vision.

In the show, Anamika’s mother is shown to be a dominant figure, who uses her to her advantage. Among the many atrocities she committed against her was Anamika’s marriage to someone she considered her “brother”.

Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta gave the film a mixed review. She wrote, “The temptation to backlight Madhuri Dixit to make her shine like a goddess is irresistible. But she’s such a good actress that all that flaunting of on-screen perfection shouldn’t have mattered; here it is constrained by the banal way in which it was written.

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