Mayor – News – May 2021 – City of New Orleans monitors Gulf and responds to coastal flooding


NEW ORLEANS – The city of New Orleans is monitoring a system in the western Gulf of Mexico that now has a 60% chance of developing tropical before it is expected to bring heavy rainfall to Southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana.

No significant impact is currently expected in the New Orleans area; however, strong east-southeast winds are expected to continue to cause coastal flooding along lakes Pontchartrain, Borgne and Catherine. Several wind-related weather advisories are in effect for the Parish of Orléans, including a wind advisory, a coastal flood warning, and a coastal flood warning (for areas outside the dike system).

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority (SLFPAE) is shutting down several coastal flood gates. This will include sector gates along the industrial canal and permanent canal closures and pumps (PCCPs) along Lake Pontchartrain to prevent excess lake water from entering the city’s drainage canals. The New Orleans Wastewater and Water Authority (SWBNO) will work in close coordination with SLFPAE to monitor the elevations of the outlet drainage channels. In the event of rain, SWBNO and SLFPAE will coordinate to maintain optimal pumping operations. Although there is water on highways 90 and 11, the SLFPAE does not currently plan to close the anti-flood gates on the roadway. Motorists are advised to be extremely careful and not to drive on flooded roads.

The Flash Flood Watch, in effect since Monday, has now expired. No flooding due to heavy rains is currently expected. Neutral ground parking will no longer be permitted from 6 p.m. this evening. Residents are urged to take care to move their vehicles to neutral grounds to avoid damage to tree roots and vegetation.

The perimeter around the old Plaza Tower continues to be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic as public safety agencies respond to debris falling from the building due to high winds. The closures include Loyola Avenue towards downtown Calliope to Girod Streets, S Rampart de Girod Street to Calliope Streets and Howard Avenue in both directions from Loyola Avenue to O’Keefe Street.

The New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness continues to monitor the weather and is in constant communication with the National Weather Service and local, state and federal infrastructure and public safety partners.

Residents are reminded that hurricane season is fast approaching and now is the time to prepare. Gather emergency supplies, review evacuation plans, stay informed, and make sure you are protected by flood insurance. Sign up for emergency alerts by calling NOLAREADY on 77295. For more hurricane preparedness tips, visit

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