Mohave County issued 14 building permits for the week ending March 25 | Kingman Miner Daily

Mohave County issued the following building permits for the week ending March 25:

Kristy Crawford: Oatman; electric to the trailer – 100 AMP

Stutz investments: Oatman; electric – 200 AMP

P&M Electric Inc (FN): 3895 N. Bowie Road, Golden Valley; 200 AMP electrical upgrade panel

Stutz investments: Oatman; demonstration shed

Cerbat Excavation Inc: 1725 E. Potter Ave., Kingman; demo structure only

Benjamin White: new 22 KW gas generator and new gas line

John T Head, Patricia E Gratcl: 1585 Valley Drive, Mohave Valley; 400 AMP Panel Upgrade

GT power: 3152 Ervin Lane, City of Lake Havasu; Replacement of the 200 AMP panel

Plumbing DBA Ambient Edge LLC by Jake: king man; HVAC, two-ton rooftop packing unit replacement

Plumbing DBA Ambient Edge LLC by Jake: 2223 Maverick Drive, Mohave Valley: HVAC, replace four-ton packing unit

Truelove Plumbing Inc: N / A

Fred M Widell: 2337 S. Canelo Road, Golden Valley; partial demonstration of a prefabricated house to allow an engineer to come for a renovation

Electric rosemary: 2445 E. Carver Ave., Kingman; electric 100 amps

Craig C. Finley: 2645 E. Hearne Ave., Kingman; upgrade from 100 AMP to 200 AMP electric

The Town of Kingman issued the following building permits for the week ending March 25:

KC ORR BUILDERS INC. : 1200 Gordon Drive, Kingman; $929.48

Walker Electrical Service, Inc.: 1050 E. Beverly Avenue Apt. 114, Kingman; electric; $32.65

N / A: 3120 Hualapai Mountain Road, Kingman; remodel; $1,212.34

TR-ORR: 3269 Stockton Hill Road, Kingman; remodel; $2,332.69

Titan Solar Power: 2205 Lucille Ave, Kingman; $175

Mohave Shadez: 2005 Robert Mitchum Drive, Kingman; awnings; $345.26

Mohave Shadez: 2601 Airfield Yard, Kingman; awnings; $183.56

Mohave Shadez: 2142 John Wayne Drive, Kingman; awnings; $183.56

Tuff Shed, Inc.: 3290 Eagle Rock Road, Kingman; detached garage; $483.86

Freedom Forever – Bond Exempt: 2033 Will Rogers Way, Kingman; electric; $128

Freedom Forever – Bond Exempt: 3261 Isador Ave, Kingman; electric; $128

Electrical expert SARL: 1668 Miami Ave, Kingman; electric; $137.36

Gary and Julie Lawson: 2144 Horse Ave., new SFR; $6,236.41

Long’s Construction, LLC: 3716 Miller Street, Kingman; new SFR; $7,443.24

Prince Pools: 3300 Monte Moro Street, Kingman; Bowl; $812.21

The Town of Kingman issued the following business license for the week ending March 25:

Wales Consulting & Business Services: 2614 Marlene Ave, Kingman; business consulting and accounting

Sunset Lounge: 4400 Stockton Hill Road, Kingman; cocktail lounge

Lemcool Enterprises, LLC: 4071 Diamond Joe Road, Kingman; computer sales and service

Mohave County Aquatic Services Inc.: PO Box 3751, City of Lake Havasu; service provider

Dutra’s affordable restorations: 795 S. Tonto Road, Golden Valley; handyman – home & garden

Stevenson Sports: 2334 E. Leroy Avenue, Kingman; non-profit sponsor

Kingman Elite Management LLC dba Reality: 1916 Stockton Hill Road, Kingman; real estate agency

Maintenance of HD, LTD supply facilities: 501 W. Church Street, Monsey, New York; retail business

Go Wireless, Inc.: 3787 Stockton Hill Road, Kingman; telecommunications

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