New Report Reveals What Employers Look For When Hiring In 2022 – Here’s What Will Ensure You Stay Employable

A recent report from NTUC LearningHub shows the jobs and skills most in demand by employers this year, and it follows the trend that, when it comes to the future, digital is king.

It’s no surprise that many of the jobs and skills people need to maintain their employability relate to the digital world.

The Number One Role Employers Are Looking To Hire Is Data Analytics, Says NTUC LearningHub’s Emerging Jobs and Skills Report.

When it comes to the essential basic skills that bosses look for in the people they hire, the first is adaptability.

New graduates and people looking to change careers or those who simply want to ensure their employability would do well to sit up and pay attention to the new findings from the NTUC LearningHub report, which was released on March 16.

More than 650 working Singapore professionals were surveyed in December last year, with respondents drawn from six major industrial hubs in the country.

The survey found that the top three positions sought by employees are data analytics (54%), digital marketing (45%) and strategy and operations (45%).

The outlier among the sectors surveyed is the essential household services group, where data visualization (59%) tops the list of jobs employers want, followed by data analysis (55%) and data management (55%). hundred).

When it comes to the essential core skills most sought after by employers, next to adaptability (52%), followed by people development (48%) and collaboration (44%).

However, technology skills are also considered essential for job seekers, with data analytics (49%), cybersecurity (45%) and digital marketing (44%) ranking in the top three.

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“This information on in-demand roles and skills is a useful resource for workers looking to stay employable and competitive. Just like essential foundational skills, which are foundational and transferable skills applicable to everyone, these cutting-edge technology skills will also enable workers to upgrade their skills and keep pace with digitalization.

Acquiring these skills can definitely benefit workers, regardless of their industries or functions, to adapt well to digital transformation and effectively manage workplace disruptions, said Soh Hooi Heng, Director of NTUC LearningHub strategy.

Soh noted that many of the best jobs are “digital in nature” and advised those interested in tech-related jobs to upskill in digital marketing and data analytics, even if they don’t have any background. experience in these areas.

As for those who wish to supplement their skills in deep-tech, they can “deepen their knowledge in high-growth areas such as Machine Learning and Big Data (Data Engineering), because the career trajectories of talents in such roles are very promising due to the shortage of talent in these areas,” added Soh. /TISG

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