Newspaper boxes do their spring cleaning

New Box at Chevron Station, 5043 N. Pearl St.

With the weather warming up and more people on the go, the staff at Tacoma Weekly is making sure our newspaper is available in more places, making it easy for anyone to grab a copy and go. We’ve focused on setting up newspaper boxes in post offices and inside neighborhoods, and you can also find them around Lincoln District Business Centers, Proctor, Hilltop, University Place and Moreover. If you’re looking for a box to pick up a copy of the newspaper, email editor Matt Nagle at [email protected] and it can help direct you to a box closest to you.

As a free publication, our boxes require no coins to open, so they get a lot of wear and tear. We remove those that need repairing or repainting, and place new ones in the busiest areas. It’s a constant job to maintain them, but we care about Tacoma and want to do our part to keep the city clean.

The Tacoma Weekly will always be available to people from all walks of life. We reach readers that other media can’t because not everyone has access to the internet or can afford it. From people living on the streets to seniors on fixed incomes and everyone in between, our commitment to keeping news accessible to everyone remains as strong today as it was when we published our first issue. 38 years ago.

There is no longer any other community newspaper in Tacoma to represent the rich diversity of our great city. That’s why it’s important to us to make sure the Tacoma Weekly is conveniently and easily available to our readers. It takes effort to embrace the landscape of people and places that give Tacoma its unique identity, and we love doing it. Publishing a print journal is not a cheap business. We certainly don’t get rich from our work, and that’s not why we’re here. We are here to bring people together – to uplift communities and create a sense of unity, especially in these times that have caused so much division between us.

Visit our new website for daily news and local events. We’ll never charge for access to it, and you won’t have to constantly scroll through pop-ups or other distractions to get to what you’re looking for. Thank you to all of our readers and advertisers for supporting Tacoma’s only community newspaper. We are here for you and thanks to you…Because community matters.

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