Photocat and sustainable utility company Nextera will test Photocat’s self-cleaning glass solution to reduce the effects of soiling at one of Nextera’s PV farms in California

August 29e 2022

Photochat and ssustainable youutility company Nextera test cleaning-glass-solution-to-41638619/”>Photochatit is self-cleaning glass solution to reduce the effects of soiling in one of the Nextera photovoltaic parks in California

Photocat A/S (publ) has agreed with Nextera Inc. to test Photocat’s proprietary Shine-On product to assess its potential to reduce production losses due to soiling. It is the general perception that fouling can have a negative impact on the production of photovoltaic (PV) panels. In addition, it is becoming more and more expensive to clean the photovoltaic panels on site. This motivated Nextera to test the benefits of Photocat’s product.

The test will take place in two years. The idea is to investigate whether the productivity loss is less with shineon coated PV panels compared to uncleaned PV panels as well as newly cleaned PV panels. Results will be measured every six months. If the demonstrated results are positive, Nextera plans to use the technology for photovoltaic parks wherever possible. Nextera is one of the largest operators and owners of photovoltaic parks in the world.

Michael HumleCEO Photochatcommented: “I am proud to see that Photochat can work with a company as reputable as Nextera to add value to the green agenda”.

The engine and technological core of Shine on is the same as Photochat use to improve air quality in its NOxOFF offerings. The trial will have no short-term impact on Photocat results.

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