Plumbers Save Puppy From Pamlico Pipe

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Staff members from two local businesses became heroes on Tuesday after braving triple-digit heat to rescue a puppy stuck in a pipe.

Brian’s Plumbing staff are used to answering calls for plumbing services, so that’s probably what they were expecting when they received a call from Pamlico Air on Tuesday morning July 5, 2022.

However, when they answered that call, they discovered very quickly that it was anything but ordinary work.

Pamlico Air staff members said they heard a noise that sounded like a dog echoing through their warehouse from a 12-inch storm drain.

Pamlico Air employees didn’t know who to call, but then someone recommended Brian’s Plumbing. That’s when Keith Walser, John Hart and Jordan Roland went to see what they could do.

“Employees heard it there but couldn’t figure out how to get it out,” Walser said.

After passing their camera through the storm drain, they were able to confirm that, in fact, a puppy was stuck in the drain.

Pamlico Air staff weren’t sure how the dog got stuck in the pipe, but given that Independence Day had been celebrated the night before, Walser thinks he may have an idea.

“We think the fireworks are the reason he got so far up that pipe,” Walser said.

Within moments, staff from Brian’s Plumbing and Pamlico Air were outside, digging several feet into the ground to expose the pipe.

Then Walser, Hart and Roland opened the pipe from a safe distance from the pup. Eventually, staff from the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services were on scene to assist in the rescue.

“We actually used dog food on the end of the bezel to bring it to our hole to get it out, Walser said.

Once the dog was in the hole, it took several minutes, but eventually the pup was free, and it was Roland who was actually in the hole to get the pup out.

They don’t know how long their four-legged friend was stuck in the storm drain, but Walser said he credits everyone who was there to lend a hand for the dog being able to get away. come out unscathed.

“It was a joint effort of everyone, including the Pamlico Air workers and the animal service worker,” Walser said. “Everyone did their part to dig it up quickly.”

Walser said a couple who worked at Pamlico Air agreed to take the dog.

Quite rightly, the couple named the dog Lucky.

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