Red Cross provides emergency supplies to victims of refugee eviction from Tanna volcano


By Glenda Willie in Port Vila

The Vanuatu Red Cross (VRCS) is one of the first aid organizations to intervene and support internal refugees from the volcano who were the victims of a deportation order at MCI on the road to Blacksand last week.

Emma Mesao, head of the main branch of the Red Cross SHEFA, said the organization looks after people’s lives and responds to natural disasters.

Although the eviction was not a natural disaster, the lives and well-being of the people were affected.

On Thursday, a team was deployed to the region to assess the situation and identify two priority needs, including shelter and water.

The Red Cross distributed two tarpaulins and two jerry cans to each household. More than 60 households have received their share of emergency supplies.

Mesao confirmed that when distributing the supplies, they also encouraged people to boil water before drinking to avoid other health problems.

Moved to other settlements
Most of the families have moved to other camps.

Many of them went to Blandinière Stage Three and Crystal Blue Area.

Others traveled to other areas of the peri-urban areas of Port Vila, including Blacksand and Erangorango.

The Red Cross team visited all areas to distribute water cans and tarpaulins.

Speaking on behalf of the MCI families, Lai Sakita thanked the Red Cross for providing the families with tarpaulins and jerry cans.

These emergency supplies would allow people to set up temporary shelters during their relocation.

The SHEFA Provincial Government Council, through its National Disaster Management Office, supported VRCS in logistics, during the deployment of the distribution.

He said that these families were victims of the ash fall from the Yasur volcano in Tanna.


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