Service Orders Support Building Maintenance – Fort Carson Mountaineer

By Susan C. Galentine

Department of Public Works Sustainability Specialist

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Ensuring Fort Carson operations run smoothly requires a system and the manpower to meet the routine maintenance and repair needs that are sure to arise. The Department of Public Works (DPW) O&M contractor, T&H Services, addresses these issues through the service order process.

Service orders, intended for the maintenance or repair of real property, which include fixed structures, such as buildings, roads, sidewalks, street lights, grounding points and power distribution systems. utilities, can be called 24/7 at 719-526-5345.

The contractor handles an average of 4,000 service order calls per month, according to T&H Services records, and can perform the full range of replacing light bulbs, changing door locks, adjusting the heating system and air conditioning, plumbing problems and more.

When submitting a service order, individuals must provide a description of the problem, including the exact location, and the name and phone number of a person familiar with the problem or need and their unit. or activity. A customer service representative will then assess the level of urgency of each service order request and determine the appropriate priority level based on the information they receive.

There are three service order priority levels:

  • Emergency (priority 1) — Emergency work takes priority over all other work and requires immediate action. Emergency service orders are classified as such when they are to correct breakdowns/problems, which constitute an immediate danger to life, health, safety, security or property. Examples of emergency service orders: overflowing pipes, broken water or steam pipes, gas leaks, major utility failures, broken electrical components that could cause fire or electrocution, clogged toilets (when only one is available), lockout (check with assigned key control person or personnel duty NCO first), and key card failures.

The normal emergency work response time is one hour, day or night, with emergency completion within 24 hours.

  • Urgent (priority 2) — Urgent work is needed to correct a problem, which could become an emergency, seriously affect morale, or stress command. Examples include heating and hot water supply failures, building air conditioning system failures, or functional failures of stoves and refrigerators in dining rooms.

The contractor endeavors to respond within 24 hours and to complete all urgent work within seven working days of receipt of the order.

  • Routine (priority 3) — Routine Service Orders do not fall into the emergency or emergency categories and cover required work which, if not performed, would continue to be an inconvenience or unsightly condition. Work in this category is normally completed within 30 days of the call.

(Note: Soldiers living in barracks can also submit service orders for room maintenance and repair issues online through the Army Maintenance app at

Factors that may affect service order response are incomplete/incorrect order information, more urgent priorities, weather conditions, time of day (night or weekend), and Occupational regulations. Safety and Health Administration.

Although Service Orders are for the repair of existing items, of a property nature, any item not performing as expected should be called out as a Service Order so that the contractor can point the customer in the right direction for the resolution.

“Having assigned and trained facility managers can help units and organizations resolve construction issues more efficiently through the use of service orders because they understand the DPW processes in place,” said Doug Homa, head of DPW’s operations and maintenance division.

Homa encourages military and civilian leaders to send installation managers as part of DPW’s two-day Installations Management Class to help them build support. Training is available once a month in building 1219.

For more information on the Facilities Management class, email [email protected] To register, Brigade Level Training NCOs should contact Individual Military Training, Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Directorate by emailing john.p.obrien50.civ or by calling 719-526-5436.

For housing facility issues, Fort Carson Family Homes has its own home maintenance service request system. Residents can make service requests online at or by calling 719-579-1605.

For more information on placing service orders, call T&H Services at 719-526-5345.

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