Southland Industries Completes Merger and Brand Consolidation of Portland-Based Subsidiaries

GARDEN GROVE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Southland Industries today announced the completion of a brand consolidation with its Portland, OR-based subsidiaries, TCM Corp. and Envise Northwest.

This completes the first phase of Southland’s plan to consolidate all brands into Southland Industries by January 2023. As one of the largest MEP building systems companies in the country, this unification aligns with the strategy of Southland to provide fully integrated building lifecycle solutions under one brand.

This unification will also enhance Southland’s ability to leverage its combined expertise and capabilities in its various regional operations to deliver higher value and better services to its customers and partners.

“This unification is an exciting time for our customers and employees,” said Ted Lynch, Ph.D., CEO of Southland Industries. “This brand consolidation better represents the way we actually work today. An increasing part of our work involves clients who operate in multiple geographies, so this should eliminate any potential confusion for them and allow them to more easily engage us and access our vast resources and capabilities across the globe. business.

“For our employees, onboarding will help improve collaboration within our organization,” said Lynch. “And, as we continue to expand our geographic reach and capabilities, our employees will have additional career growth opportunities. ”

Dan Heichelbech will continue to lead Southland as the Northwest Division Manager serving customers in Oregon, Washington and surrounding markets. “We are delighted with the growth and the opportunities this new chapter will bring,” said Heichelbech. “We also look forward to providing our customers with the exceptional service they have become accustomed to, in addition to the enhanced capabilities that this merger will provide. ”

About Southland

Founded in 1949, Southland Industries is one of the nation’s leading MEP building systems experts providing innovative yet practical solutions through a holistic approach to building performance. Advocating a design-build-maintain model, Southland specializes in the engineering, construction and maintenance of mechanical systems, plumbing, fire protection, process piping and automation and control, as well as than in the complete needs of energy services. Through innovation and collaboration, Southland is leading the way as an industry leader in sustainability and energy efficiency by improving the way buildings are designed, constructed and maintained. For more information, please visit

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