Streator considering how to keep claims for the cleanup of abandoned properties

Streator’s Town Hall has received requests to waive privileges on land the town has cleared. If the city mows the grass and demolishes an abandoned house, it wants to be reimbursed for these costs. Putting a lien on the property means that someone has to pay the city before the property can be sold.

City manager David Plyman says some people are proposing that the city waive the privileges so that the land can be sold and that the city not add any other bills for maintenance. He says some privileges can be waived, but he thinks it should be on a case-by-case basis.

Commissioner Brian Crouch said only those privileges for which the city has secured grants to cover demolition should be considered. If the city was spending its own money on the work, Crouch thinks it should get the money back.

Commissioner Tara Bedei said neighbors who wish to buy the cleared lots may have to forgo town privileges.

The city council spoke about it on Tuesday.

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