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The town of Viroqua has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to open the Lead Service Lateral (LSL) grant to citywide properties until December 2021. This means that if your property has service for galvanized water and is a residence or daycare establishment you can apply. This grant program provides comprehensive funding for private water supply services. The private side water services are the water line that begins at the street stop, near the property line, and enters the building, ending at the water meter.

You must first be approved by the city and follow a specific protocol to receive the grant.

Viroqua Utilities is proud to announce that with work on the South Rusk and Washington Avenue project, all lead pipes and goosenecks used in the city’s water services have been removed. The next step towards eliminating any potential lead exposure from water utilities is to examine galvanized water pipes. Galvanized water pipes were once connected to the main pipe by a lead gooseneck, a two-foot section of flexible pipe. Over time, any lead that may have escaped from these goosenecks could have become attached to the surface of the galvanized pipes by corrosion mechanisms. The risk of exposure to lead is reduced all the more since the swan neck was removed, that is to say 30 years ago against five years. However, most of the city’s galvanized pipe is at the end of its life and the failure of galvanized pipes is a concern, potentially increasing the risk again.

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