The family will celebrate Summer Wells’ 6th birthday next week in private | Rogersville

The Wells family will celebrate their missing daughter Summer’s 6th birthday next week privately, most likely at church, according to Summer’s father, Donald Wells.

Summer’s 6th birthday is February 4th.

She was reported missing from her home in the Hawkins County community of Beech Creek on the evening of June 15.

Donald told the review on Tuesday that there had already been a celebration of Summer’s birthday with friends in North Carolina, but it was held privately to avoid an attack from YouTube video producers and filmmakers. other media.

“I personally didn’t go because I had to work,” Donald said. “I was so scared there would be a bunch of YouTubers there so I didn’t want to go.”

He said the anniversary celebration didn’t have as much meaning without Summer Bend.

“None of us went there,” he said.

Donald said he was not aware of any public celebrations on Summer’s birthday.

“I would just rather celebrate it in church than anywhere else – in the church that she loves,” Donald added.

Hawkins County, Tennessee

January 25, 2022

“Run and laugh with a big smile”

Donald shared with the magazine a dream he had recently about Summer.

Donald: “I was like a drone or something. It was a bit strange. She was just running in Johnson grass and it was a beautiful summer day. She was running and laughing with a big smile on her face like she always does. I just flew close to her and looked back, looked at her a bit from a distance. I was like a drone or something. It was strange. But it was beautiful. Her beautiful smile. I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. »

He said he had no idea what this dream meant, but he had recently had three summer dreams and each of them was beautiful, but the dream of her running in the grass brought back times happy with their life.

Domestic complaint fueled by alcohol

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office responded to an alcohol-fueled domestic complaint last week at the residence of Donald and Candus Wells.

No charges were filed and the two were remanded to the court office for private prosecution.

HCSO Hunter Newton said in his report that on January 19 at 12:27 a.m. he responded to the Wells residence on Ben Hill Road in the community of Beech Creek after Candus, 39, called 911 saying she had been hit by Don, 57.

Candus said Don grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall. Candus said she believed her left thumb was broken.

She also stated that she and Don had been drinking and that she was afraid of Don.

Don told Newton they had an argument, but he “didn’t put a hand on her”.

“Don also said that when he arrived home between 7 and 8 p.m., Candus had already been drinking,” Newton said in his report. “While he was in the house, Candus spoke with Don without fear. She also used her left hand to put on her shoes, and while she was in her mother’s RV, she used her left thumb to flick a cigarette.

Newton said he did not notice any marks on Candus’ neck or swelling on his thumb, and the Hawkins County EMA responded to the house, examined Candus and determined that his thumb was not not broken.

Three sons belonging to Don and Candus were removed from the home by the Department of Children’s Services shortly after Summer’s disappearance. The reason for the boys’ withdrawal has not been publicly reported.

Reward Fund Update

According to the latest report from last week, the Summer Wells Reward Fund total was $73,705.90.

This total comes from the two large donations ($25,000 and $10,000) of $35,000 at the beginning of the reward fund to open and start the reward fund. The remaining $38,705.90 came from contributions that were paid directly to the bank and/or mailed to our Church Hill Rescue Team.

Here are the two ways donations can be made to the reward fund:

1. Donations can be directly deposited at any Civis Bank branch in Rogersville and Sneedville.

2. Checks or certified checks can be mailed to the following address and will be deposited directly into the reward fund account: Church Hill Rescue Squad, PO Box 704, Church Hill, TN 37642

Summer’s disappearance on June 15, 2021 sparked 13 days of intense search by more than 1,000 rescuers who covered 4.6 square miles around her home, followed by months of intense investigation by the County Sheriff’s Office. Hawkins, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Anyone with information about what happened to Summer Wells or her whereabouts is asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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