“There’s no reason you can’t help everyone”: Valkyrie Movers do things differently

At first glance, Valkyrie Movers helps you move from point A to point B. After all, it’s a moving company, that’s what they do.

If you sift through some of the boxes, you’ll find that Valkyrie Movers are redefining how a business can impact the community it inhabits.

Owner and Founder Jacquelynn Biggs launched Valkyrie Movers in May 2021, with the goal of providing the Greater Lansing area with high quality moving services while supporting its workers and the Lansing community. This community orientation is central to how she runs her business.

“I’m not a capitalist,” Biggs said, “I’m not doing this to make money. I’m doing this to provide service to my customers, to provide service to the community, and to support people who work for me.

Valkyrie Movers is not your average moving company though, with Biggs aiming to go above and beyond for its customers and employees. Biggs offers its movers double the minimum hourly wage, training, benefits, and extensive workers’ compensation in the event of an accident.

“I want people to come to work for us who want to put in a hard day’s work, but want to know they’ll be respected and loved,” Biggs said. “It’s not like a show, it’s not how we ride. It’s all about respect. Everyone’s opinion counts. Everyone is loved and appreciated.

When it was founded, Valkyrie Movers had four employees, and Biggs had to learn on the fly while arranging the logistics and paperwork to start a business certified to operate state and federal.

“We’re a trucking company, that’s who we are, and the logistics of that — federal, state, local — like attributes, insurances, and endorsements that I have to have,” Biggs said. “I call my life the sea of ​​bureaucracy.”

Since then, Valkyrie Movers has grown to 10 employees, led by Gertrude – “Gerdy” for short – the company’s 16ft box truck with over 350,000 miles. Despite Gerdy’s loyal service, Biggs hopes to expand his fleet of vehicles soon.

“I applied for grants like grants for women in business and stuff like that,” Biggs said. “That would be the thing we would buy, it’s a new truck with a bigger cab, longer and full decals.”

Biggs’ goals for the company don’t end there. Eventually, she would like to call on Valkyrie Movers to help victims of domestic violence.

She said her goal was to set aside a portion of the company’s revenue – alongside donations – for a domestic violence resettlement fund. These funds would enable her to provide free moving services to those who need them to leave an abusive home.

“There’s an insane amount of hurdles,” Biggs said, of coming out of an abusive relationship. “So if we can provide one thing to avoid any of those hurdles, f*** yeah. How cool is that?”

Biggs recently met with End Violent Encounters, or EVE, a Lansing-based organization that provides support for people who experience domestic and sexual violence. Biggs hopes to start partnering with organizations like EVE to provide moving assistance to those in need.

“My goal is to be able to start doing these moves next year,” Biggs said. “We also want to do some extra training with our movers, a bit of de-escalation training, maybe even some self-defense stuff.”

Biggs said that with the resources available to Valkyrie Movers, there’s no reason his goal couldn’t be achieved.

“That’s my take on business,” Biggs said. “You know, there’s no reason you can’t help everyone, or at least try.”

Valkyrie Movers can be reached by phone at 517-258-018 or by email at [email protected]

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