UNHCR Regional Update #32 Emergency situation in Ethiopia, 31 May 2022 – Ethiopia


Key developments


Between April 1 and May 31, 1,270 trucks carrying 49,235 tons of humanitarian cargo and 644,483 liters of fuel arrived in Mekelle. This includes 32 UNHCR trucks carrying fuel, relief items (CRI) and medicine. However, these supplies are still insufficient to meet the immense needs of the affected population in the region. According to OCHA, 100 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies are needed daily to reach the necessary scale. Lack of fuel to support relief operations in Tigray remains a critical bottleneck hampering the distribution of relief supplies from Mekelle to other regions. Currently, priority for the use of fuel is given to the distribution of food.

May 22, WFP said more than 10,000 tons of food and other essential supplies had arrived in Tigray. The convoys that have arrived are the largest to date, involving 163 trucks. Additionally, WFP and partners will continue to scale up deliveries with the return of more than 100 trucks that have been in Tigray since July 2021.

Response from Ethiopia

The humanitarian situation in northern Ethiopia continues to seriously affect refugees, IDPs and host communities. Civilians have endured more than a year of conflict with extremely limited basic services and assistance, leading to a significant escalation in humanitarian needs with further displacement taking place. The security situation remains unstable, affecting civilians and constraining humanitarian actors on the ground, despite the announcement of a humanitarian truce.

On 13 May, UNHCR’s Regional Director for Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes (EHAGL) hosted a virtual briefing on the situation in northern Ethiopia in intent of key donor partners, including representatives of permanent missions in Geneva, donors at the regional level and some donor capitals. The Director of the Regional Bureau gave a briefing on her recent missions to Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea, highlighting current humanitarian situations as well as UNHCR’s response. UNHCR’s efforts in contingency planning and preparedness were also discussed.

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