Wang Yi meets with Papua New Guinea Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Soroi Eoe


On June 3, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Papua New Guinea (PNG) Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (PNG) Soroi Eoe in Guiyang.

Wang Yi said that China is the first country you visit after taking the new post of foreign minister, and you are also the first political leader from a Pacific island country to visit China after the outbreak of COVID-19, which fully embodies the special importance of the China-PNG relationship. As an important country in the Pacific region, PNG is a good friend, brother and partner of China. This year marks the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. In 45 years, especially since President Xi Jinping’s state visit to PNG in 2018, the two sides have stepped up cooperation in all fields and set an example of peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation between countries of different sizes.

Wang Yi said the most important reason for the even stronger China-PNG relationship is that the two countries always treat each other equally and support each other on issues related to fundamental interests and major concerns of the country. other. China appreciates PNG for its strong adherence to the one-China policy and its just stance of non-interference in China’s internal affairs on issues related to Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong. China will continue to firmly support PNG in safeguarding national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, pursuing a development path suited to its national reality and continuing to grow.

Wang Yi said that while the pandemic still rages around the world, we must never relax our efforts to strengthen international anti-pandemic cooperation. China is ready to share its experience with PNG in the fight against the virus, provide the country with medical supplies and strengthen exchanges in public health governance and medical technology, thereby promoting the construction of a global health-for-all community. China plans to set up a China-Pacific Island Countries (PIP) emergency supplies reserve and stands ready to strengthen cooperation with PNG and other PIPs in response to major public health contingencies and natural disasters .

Wang Yi said that China and PNG enjoy great economic complementarity and enormous potential for cooperation. China is willing to align its development strategies with PNG, deepen Belt and Road cooperation, strengthen cooperation in areas such as investment, economy and trade, mineral resources, l energy, transport and oceans, and to increase exchanges in the fields of education, culture and media, as well as at the local level, enriching the global strategic partnership and bringing greater benefits to both peoples.

Wang Yi stressed that China pursues an independent foreign policy of peace, rejects geopolitical games and never seeks a sphere of influence. China always cooperates with PICs on the basis of equality and respect, and is committed to promoting the development and prosperity of PICs. The claim that China is “coercing” PICs is pure fabrication. As independent sovereign states, PICs have the right to determine their own foreign policy. China will strengthen comprehensive cooperation with PIPs in a spirit of openness and equality.

Eoe congratulates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and appreciates China’s long-term support and assistance for the social and economic development of PNG, especially its fight against the pandemic. PNG praises the phenomenal progress made by the Chinese people under the leadership of the CCP. Understanding that political stability is a cornerstone of social and economic development, PNG hopes to deepen exchanges on state governance with China and learn from China’s development experience, achieve development and common prosperity and build a community of destiny between China and the Pacific island countries. .

Eoe said PNG strongly supports the one-China policy and still believes Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. Rising sea levels in the Pacific pose a survival crisis for ICPs. PNG is grateful to China for speaking out in the international community and helping island countries address the serious challenges resulting from climate change. PNG and other ICPs strongly oppose Japan’s release of nuclear wastewater into the Pacific and will jointly resist Japan’s irresponsible behavior with China and other countries. PNG is committed to maintaining good relations with all countries, and its cooperation with China brings tangible benefits to PIPs, including PNG. PNG hopes to strengthen cooperation with China in areas such as infrastructure, communication, agriculture and health, and align the Belt and Road initiative with “Connecting Papua New Guinea”, thus bringing the development of China-PNG relations to a new height.


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