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History tends to repeat itself with bears. Last year, quarterback Nick Foles suffered an injury on his seventh start, forcing coach Matt Nagy to return to Mitch Trubisky. This season, Justin Fields injured his ribs on his eighth start, which saw Andy Dalton take over against the Ravens and potentially Thanksgiving against the Lions.

The difference between this year and last year, however, is that Nagy probably doesn’t mind a return to Dalton. He may never say it – we find ourselves reading the tea leaves in his increasingly vague press conferences – but it’s possible that he prefers it.

This is where this week’s five takeaways column begins.

Another quarterback controversy?

If Nagy breaks down, he seems like the type who wants to go on his own terms. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nagy tries to win with Dalton for as long as he can. This delays Fields’ development, at least temporarily, is the path taken with the Bears being 3-7.

A win over the Lions without a win in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day would provide Nagy with the starting point he needs, while Fields’ injured ribs and the need to “protect him from himself” become a convenient excuse.

It was Nagy’s plan from the start to play Dalton and seat Fields this season until everything changed abruptly just weeks after the start of the season.

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