Working people clean up after the 82nd Sturgis Rally

STURGIS, SD — Now that the Sturgis rally is over, Main Street in the city is a very different place than it has been for the past nine days.

As the vendors pack their bags and the motorbikes roll out of town, the cleanup process begins. According to Sturgis Public Works, the waste load has decreased by around 50 tonnes this year, totaling around 410 tonnes of additional waste.

That being said, Sturgis Public Works staff members have been working throughout the week to keep abreast of waste from the rally, while maintaining regular residential pickups.

Sturgis Director of Public Works Rick Bush said, “It really doesn’t make sense. I couldn’t hire or bring in extra staff or pick up trash or anything. By the time they learned the routes, the rally would be over.

As Public Works continues to get rid of the mess, they’re also working to get back to a small town of 7,000. While bins are collected and stored for next year and traffic lights are restored for a steady flow of traffic, services such as the recycling center are still closed. Bush says it will take a little longer for some services to be restored.

“Some of the things that are normal, or seem to be our normal business for us, sometimes get a little delayed just because we’re still in this cleaning mode,” Bush said.

Bush says cleanup takes a little longer than setup and it will take about 10 days before Sturgis returns to pre-rally conditions.

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